Disney Sidekicks
In this photo, Donald Duck is the sidekick to Sophie!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Wordless Wednesday post! My friend Deb from Focused on the Magic has come up with a great theme this week, titled “Disney Sidekicks”, so let’s get right to it!  In the first picture at the beginning of this post, you see Sophie dancing with Donald Duck!  Since Sophie started dancing first from excitement, that makes Donald Duck her sidekick!

Disney Sidekicks
Rover lays down by his Human’s side in this scene from the Carousel of Progress!

In this next shot, Rover (do I have it right — for some reason my brain is drawing a blank this time!) is part of the scene from the 20s.  I would say that he is definitely the Disney sidekick this time!

Disney Sidekicks
Sophie sits on Goofy’s lap outside of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant!

This picture is one of the first pictures from our stay in 2007, right after we had eaten at Tony’s Town Square restaurant!  Sophie climbed right up into Goofy’s lap, so I think that makes her Goofy’s sidekick!

Disney Sidekicks
Sophie is MY Disney Sidekick for almost all things Disney!

Last, but certainly not least, I share this photo of Sophie near Cinderella Castle.  In almost all things Disney, Sophie is my Disney Sidekick!  She has written on the blog, she helps plan the trips, she tells everyone about my travel agent gig, and most of all, she helps Cindy and I have as much fun at Disney as we possibly can.

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