Disney Sidekicks

Wordless Wednesday – Disney Sidekicks

Disney Sidekicks

In this photo, Donald Duck is the sidekick to Sophie!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Wordless Wednesday post! My friend Deb from Focused on the Magic has come up with a great theme this week, titled “Disney Sidekicks”, so let’s get right to it!  In the first picture at the beginning of this post, you see Sophie dancing with Donald Duck!  Since Sophie started dancing first from excitement, that makes Donald Duck her sidekick!

Disney Sidekicks

Rover lays down by his Human’s side in this scene from the Carousel of Progress!

In this next shot, Rover (do I have it right — for some reason my brain is drawing a blank this time!) is part of the scene from the 20s.  I would say that he is definitely the Disney sidekick this time!

Disney Sidekicks

Sophie sits on Goofy’s lap outside of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant!

This picture is one of the first pictures from our stay in 2007, right after we had eaten at Tony’s Town Square restaurant!  Sophie climbed right up into Goofy’s lap, so I think that makes her Goofy’s sidekick!

Disney Sidekicks

Sophie is MY Disney Sidekick for almost all things Disney!

Last, but certainly not least, I share this photo of Sophie near Cinderella Castle.  In almost all things Disney, Sophie is my Disney Sidekick!  She has written on the blog, she helps plan the trips, she tells everyone about my travel agent gig, and most of all, she helps Cindy and I have as much fun at Disney as we possibly can.

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Focused on the Magic

My Very First Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Image courtesy and ©WDW Shutterbug

Image courtesy and ©WDW Shutterbug

{Editor’s Note: My friend Alicia is back with a post recapping her joy at seeing Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!  Even though it’s been a month since Christmas, let’s enjoy her photos and get her take on the event!  Thanks, please give Alicia a warm welcome!}

As I get older it is getting harder and harder for people to get me birthday and Christmas presents (my birthday is 12 days before Christmas).  So this year my sister, who I share my birthday with, told me when I mentioned that I wanted to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party that she would make that my joint gift if I wanted.  And I hesitated for oh about a nanosecond before saying, “OKAY”

The next thing was finding a partner in crime to go with me to the event. I wanted to take my niece who is a Disney lover like myself, but she had school and midterms, so that was out. There were a handful of friends I asked and there were other commitments, and blah blah blah, but eventually I found a Disney loving soul to join me. And as fate would have it this was also her first time going to MVMCP as well.

Let the planning begin!

I originally wanted to go on a Tuesday or Thursday night since I happened to be on vacation the week before Christmas, but due to scheduling conflicts we were not able to go until Friday, 12/20. Since the event lasted until midnight, we decided to spend the night. We drove up early Friday afternoon checked into the “offsite” hotel and then headed over. It was super cool being able to get in at 4 knowing that people that were there would be leaving in a few hours and the park would be ours!!

We walked around for a bit. She bought my FIRST ever pair of ears (EVER….I know bad Disney fan) as a birthday present. And of course being the sparkle lover that I am I got the black and red Minnie sequined ears. HEE HEE!! Totally in love with them and managed to keep them on all night long!!! We ate a little and found our first Holiday Treat location. The small serving of hot chocolate and cookies were just the right amount of sweetness after dinner. I wish it had been colder though so it would have felt more seasonal or more like Christmas. But what can you do, it’s Florida!


Like any good photographer, I made sure that I had my camera on hand. I mean who goes to Disney at Christmas without their camera? Only crazy people! I can not even tell you the level of excitement and anticipation that I was feeling about the pictures I was going to get to take. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Walt Disney World at Christmas time. It becomes even more magical, if that is even possible.


Despite the fact that the event was sold out we were able to walk around with ease and not feel crowded. If only every day that the Magic Kingdom could be like that… I can dream can’t I? We leisurely strolled through the park and had rode a few rides here and there and eventually made it to Main street USA for the SNOW!!!! OMG…. I felt like a little kid. It was so neat. Despite that fact that it wasn’t real, that didn’t take away the wow factor for me. I still very much enjoyed the “snow” in Florida….. and I was still able to be in shorts!!!




We didn’t feel the crowdedness until we went to Main Street to watch the parade. It was hard to find a spot to see the parade with ease and not have to do some kind of bending and twisting to take pictures. But I got a few good ones. My FAVORITE part of the parade were the toy soldiers. I was watching them with my mouth gapping open like I a little kid. They walked like soldiers and their shoes had to have some sort of metal on the bottom because they made a “clacking” noise as they moved down the street.









My least favorite part of the parade were the reindeer… sorry they were a little creepy to me… hence no pictures.  I wish I could have gone back and watched the parade again, and maybe get some better pictures. Maybe next year when I go back, because BELIEVE me I WILL be going back!

Immediately following the parade we went to get in place to watch “Celebrate the Magic” at Cinderella’s Castle.  We got as close as we could but it was crowded there also. We managed to land a spot in front of, or rather close to, the Partners statue. I love that statue.


 I had no idea what to expect when the show started. I was in awe of all the images that came across the castle and the way it was transformed. As the scenes changed I was ooing and aahing like a 5 year old. It was so unique and well cool how they managed to mesh all the movies together and add the music in there too. I never would have thought that could be done. This was HANDS DOWN my favorite part of the party. And then the fireworks started…. How I LOVE me some fireworks! And not only were they behind the castle… they were all around us, encompassing us and lighting up the night sky. It was … MAGICAL!!!!




Then sadly our night came to an end. We took our time leaving the park to try and take it all in. It is always hard to leave Disney, but it is even harder for me during Christmas.  Of course, there is comfort knowing that it is there and I can always go back. It really is my happy place.