Mark Hamill Visits the Partridge Family


Today we have a Disney tie-in almost by default. Now that Disney has bought-out Lucas Film, and thus the Star Wars franchise, stars from that franchise are fair game for this series. At least that’s my contention!

With that said, today I found a brief guest appearance by Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker in Episode 16 of The Partridge Family entitled ‘Old Scrapmouth’. In this episode, Laurie (played by Susan Dey) has to get braces just before her boyfriend (our man Luke) is about to ask her to go steady. High drama in 1970’s TV sitcoms!

Mark Hamill with Patridges 1

This episode was shown in 1970 when Mark Hamill was 19. It wouldn’t be for another 7 years when Mark was to go to a galaxy far, far away.

Mark Hamill with Patridges 2

I almost didn’t recognize him at first. He appears twice before this scene where you can definitely see the man he was to become.

Mark Hamill with Patridges 3

You can certainly tell it’s him here! Mark appears in one more scene where he learns that Laurie has braces, but he still wants to go steady, so I guess he’s a nice guy on Earth and in space!

Mark Hamill with Patridges 4

He may become ‘Luke’ later, but he is just plain ‘Jerry’ now.

Mark Hamill with Yoda 1980

Here he is in 1980, just 3 years after the original Star Wars, and the year the first sequel was done.

Mark Hamill todayish

And here he is today… ish. Mark Hamill is now 63 and possibly set to cameo in the new Star Wars film(s) by Disney. Are you excited about Disney’s acquisition of Lucas Films? Do you think Disney can continue the Star Wars franchise successfully?

Let me know in the comments!

My Dreams of a Disney….Wedding


When my fiancee proposed to me, my first thought was “I would LOVE to get married at Walt Disney World. Imagine saying your vows in a beautiful location with Cinderella’s Castle in the distance; that’s what you would get if your ceremony is held in Disney’ Wedding Pavilion.”  There are other ceremony sites (for more information and additional ceremony sites, check out the Disney Wedding website.

Then I began thinking about it. I wouldn’t feel right asking my nearest and dearest to have to take a vacation and travel for my wedding. The only way I would have been happy with a Disney wedding would be if we could afford to pay for everyone’s Disney World trip. Given the cost of the wedding and then a trip, I priced our wedding out of Disney (plus I figure having all our wedding guests at Disney would create a situation where our wedding guests would be on our honeymoon with us!)

The obvious choice was to head to Disney World for our honeymoon! While looking at the Disney Wedding site, I found that you can register for a Disney honeymoon (as my fiancee and I live together, we have many of the more traditional registry items so this registry is a great option for us). The way it works is you make your travel plans (you can reach out to a Disney trip planner, such as Mike who runs this wonderful blog) and then you can register for items for your trip. My registry includes requests for contributions for the room, the dining plan, tickets as well as Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears, a carriage ride and a champagne welcome. Check out the Disney Honeymoon registry site for more information.

In addition to my honeymoon, Alfred Angelo makes Disney princess dresses and veils. I have ordered a “Belle” dress, the picture of me in a Belle dress is not the dress I am wearing for my wedding (I don’t want to publish pictures of me in my wedding dress before my wedding).


There are many other Disney items you can get for your wedding as well. There are Disney invitations, Disney cake toppers, Disney champagne flutes. Pretty much anything you would want for your wedding, you can get a Disney version of! An added bonus is that the Disney items are not more expensive than non-Disney versions of these items.

Did you have a Disney wedding or go to Disney World on your honeymoon? If not and you are thinking about it, I hope I have given you some ideas.  Let us know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by today!