Sterling Holloway Visits the Twilight Zone


Many Disney celebs have starred or been featured in a Twilight Zone episode. But when Sterling Holloway showed up, I was a bit surprised he was playing a not-so nice character! Here is the title card:

SH in TZ 006

Originally aired on March 13, 1964 it tells the tale of a man (played by William Demarest who also played Uncle Charlie on My Three Sons with Disney alumna Fred MacMurray) who sees his secrets revealed on a newly repaired television set. Apparently he wants to murder his wife but tries hard not to once he sees it on the screen. But if you know the Twilight Zone, things don’t end well for him!

For it appears the television repairman has other ideas:

SH in TZ 001

Things may have gone better if our protagonist hadn’t accused Mr. Holloway of being a cheat!

SH in TZ 003

But he did, so Mr. Holloway returns after the wife is dead to do a little gloating! And not only does he pull our protagonist’s chain, but he gives us a knowing look to end the episode:

SH in TZ 005

Not the Sterling Holloway we know, eh? Although he only appears in about 2 minutes of the episode, I think he makes a lasting impression!

Do you think we will see more Sterling Holloway tie ins on different shows?  First Andy Griffith, and now the Twilight Zone.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks!