Ed Wynn Visits The Twilight Zone


Submitted for your approval, or at least your consideration, a very funny man in a not-so funny dramatic role. Long-time star of stage and screen, including many Disney live-action and animated programs, is one Ed Wynn. Mr. Wynn is about to step over from whimsy into… The Twilight Zone!

Twilight Zone Ed Wynn 1

Season Five (also the final season)

Twilight Zone Ed Wynn 3

How can you not smile at this dear older gentleman?

Whether you enjoyed him as Mary Poppins’ floating uncle or his madcap antics as The Mad Hatter, Ed Wynn has certainly left an impression upon every Disney fan! Mr. Wynn appeared in at least one other episode of The Twilight Zone (Season One’s One for the Angels).

Twilight Zone Ed Wynn 2

Sorry, I just had to include this priceless expression!

I noticed how frail Mr. Wynn was looking in this episode, and with a little research, learned that he was 77 at the time this was filmed in 1963. This was just three years before his death on June 19th, 1966. And don’t forget that you’ve seen his son, Keenan Wynn in many Disney live-action films as well, and the Season One episode of the Twilight Zone called A World of His Own.

Let’s put it to a vote as to which role was most memorable:

  • Uncle Albert from Mary Poppins
  • The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
  • The Toy Maker from Babes in Toyland
  • Rufus from the Gnome-Mobile
  • or something else?

Cast your vote with your reason in the comments below and share your thoughts about this Disney Legend (inducted August 10th, 2013).

Our Favorite Disney Memories – 2001

In this incriminating photo, my wife Cindy has proof of my infatuation with Minnie Mouse!

In this incriminating photo, my wife Cindy has proof of my infatuation with Minnie Mouse!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of Our Favorite Disney Memories!  Last week I shared with you our favorite Disney Memories that my wife and I had from our trip over July 3rd and 4th, 2000, just before we got married.  Well, fast forward now to January, 2001 — when we were pregnant with our daughter Sophie, and took advantage of a long weekend to enjoy the trip where we ate our way around Disney!  So sit back and enjoy our trip down memory lane as Cindy and I share with you our favorite Disney Memories from the year 2001!

Cindy’s Favorite Disney Memory

When I asked Cindy what her favorite Disney Memory was, she had no hesitation on her answer.  Immediately after I asked her, she said ‘My favorite memory was when I got proof of your flirting with Minnie Mouse!’  Of course, she is referring to the image at the top of this post, which was taken at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom.  Back in those days it was a character restaurant, and I wish it still was!  I loved seeing Minnie and the other characters in their period clothing selections, and of course, the food there is pretty dang good!

Mike’s Favorite Disney Memory

The Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion

The Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion

My favorite Disney memory from that 2001 trip was when we were on the Monorail approaching the Magic Kingdom.  In those days, we didn’t stay on property, so we parked and rode the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  So, we’re on the monorail, and we were coming around the curve where you can see the Wedding Pavilion (the picture above is from the water side, so not entirely accurate, but still a nice shot I think) — and at that exact moment in time, Cinderella’s Royal Carriage was heading away from the Pavilion with a new Bride and Groom inside!  It was a pure moment of Disney Magic at it’s finest, and at that moment, I looked at Cindy, smiled at her, and said, ‘If Sophie wants to get married at Walt Disney World, well, I’m sorry, but that’s where she’s getting married.’  In true style, Cindy replied right back at me with the statement ‘Better start saving to write that $50,000 check now, then.’

I love my wife, and that was the perfect response.  It was a great memory, and one that I won’t soon forget — especially since Sophie has already told us she wants to get married at Walt Disney World — this, despite not having a man picked out or anything like that.  Those, evidently, are small details.

My friends, thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit!  I hope you enjoy these looks at my favorite Disney Memories — now please, tell me, what is your favorite Disney memory?  Please let me know, and let’s all make it a great Disney Day!