Today we are taking the lead from my friend Heidi over at Heidi’s Head, and we are sharing a new post called Three Things Thursday!  This post is just a little whimsical one that will give you a glimpse into who I am.  I hope that you will like it, and perhaps learn a little bit from me that will help explain why I am the way I am.

Mickey's first birthday, '69

Even as a one year old, I have always been excitable…I remember the time my Grandma got me a hot dog and told me to hold on tight to the hot dog so I wouldn’t drop it — well, the story goes that I held on so tight that the hot dog shot out of the bun and landed on the floor!


My Grandma and Grandpa were the ones that took me, my Mom, and my sister to Walt Disney World for the first time, in 1979.  Additionally, I would spend the summers visiting them as a kid, and my Grandpa and I learned how to swim together in the neighbor’s pool by checking out library books on a particular swimming stroke we wanted to learn, and then reading a chapter and practicing at the pool.

My Grandma was 93 when she passed away, and my Grandpa passed away on his birthday at the young age of 98.

Sophie: From Beautiful Baby to Birthday Girl

Cindy and I have been married for thirteen years now and counting, and we were blessed with our little angel Sophie in June.  When Sophie was born, she was only 4 pounds, 2 ounces, and was only 17 1/2″ long.  Her whole hand, as you can see, could grip one small section of my index finger.  Cindy and Sophie are the light of my life outside of God.

Thank you for stopping by today!  Please head on over to Heidi’s Head to see what other entries she has for you, and thanks!



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  1. Mike~ You are a special guy with a special family! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you, Cindy, and Sophie in person. Thanks so much for playing along with Three Things Thursday this week.

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