Hello everyone! Today I’m here to tell you a little bit about a new addition in our family — no, it’s not our dog Regan…

Say hello to our new friend, nicknamed "Mickey"
Say hello to our new rolling friend, nicknamed “Mickey”

I have been extremely blessed to be given the chance to review American Tourister Colora series of luggage! This bag is part of their new line of luggage called the Colora series of luggage, and they have three different sizes to choose from. The bag that you see in the picture is the 20″ Spinner bag that is a perfect size to carry onto the plane and not have to pay baggage fees!


Colora Bag Specs: It’s all about color with this bright, fun, and fashionable collection.

  • Product Description:

    • Colora is enhanced with the near effortless mobility of sleek, smooth rolling dual Spinner wheels.

    • Fully lined interiors with zippered compartment and cross straps to minimize shifting of contents.

    • Ergonomically designed dual tube aluminum handle with comfort grip locks in place when not in use.

    • Large exterior panel pocket accommodates last minute items.

    • 10 Year Warranty.

    • Weight: 8.0 lbs.

    • Dimensions: 20.0″ x 14.5″ x 8.5″

Colora Mickey Ears
As you can see, our friend is getting quite the curious looks from my Mickey Ears!

This silly picture does serve a purpose, at least in my mind — check it out, four wheels instead of two, and the best part about it is that they all swivel so you can turn it any which way you choose to!

Also, you can see the construction put into the bag, it’s got quite a bit of reinforcement built in to make it sturdy and able to take any amount of throwing into the luggage bins — but don’t forget, this one you can carry on with you, so you’re in and out of the airport quicker because you don’t have to wait for your bag!

In this photo, the Colora is partially loaded with all sorts of things you might need!
In this photo, the Colora is partially loaded with all sorts of things you might need!

As you can see, loading in a couple of sweatshirts, your Mickey Ears, Pin Lanyard, and don’t forget, your Annual Pass — and you’ve almost got everything you need! Of course, more clothes would help, but trust me, this bag has plenty of room for them!

The Mesh storage compartment is useful for all sorts of items!
The Mesh storage compartment is useful for all sorts of items!

Taking a look at the top, or the zipper side, and you can see that there is a mesh storage compartment, which can hold just about anything — including Disney Ponchos! On the opposite side of this part of the bag is two external zipper pouches, good for shoes or other items that you want to store there.

This bag has been a hit in our house!
This bag has been a hit in our house!

This bag has been such a hit in our household, with it’s distinctive lime green color, that it has even drawn the attention of our Valentine Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

In addition to lime green like the one I got, you can also get it in a very distinctive orange color or in a very pretty raspberry color, and also in three different sizes. This one is the 20″ Spinner, but there is also the 25″ Spinner and the 30″ Spinner. I have heard that the 30″ Spinner is considered too big for some of the airlines, so make sure of it before you do your purchasing!

Would you like to check out pricing on the American Tourister site? They always are on sale, and they often have special offers available for free shipping. In fact, I also just saw that you can subscribe to their email list and get $20 off your next purchase! To get started, go to the Shop American Tourister website right now, and thanks for stopping by to learn about our new favorite piece of luggage!




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  1. Great review Mike! Love how you #packmorefun with Minnie and Mickey! Regan looks like he’s ready to go too!

  2. Nice packing job Mike! I appreciated that fact that you point to the bag’s 4 (not 2) rollers; no wonder it glides so effortlessly. I bet even Regan could push it! #packmorefun

  3. Mike, I’m glad Regan is smiling because my dog usually cries in the corner when the luggage comes out! Maybe Colora’s bright disposition is helping Regan feel better about a possible impending trip. :)

  4. I know first hand that the 30″ spinner is HUGE! I had to return one because it was too big for Southwest Airlines. However, the 25″ spinner is plenty big to pack up my family of 4 for a trip.

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