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Prayers for the Week – Submit to God

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Hello my friends, and welcome to this week’s Prayers for the Week post.  As I was looking at my Bible, I came to this verse — and I realized how important a verse it is in all of our lives.

James 4:7 — “Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

In a nutshell, that is what it all boils down to, isn’t it?  Far too often, we depend on ourselves, and the problems we face seem to grow by leaps and bounds, don’t they?  In my life, I have found that as soon as I turn my cares over to the Lord, that day becomes better, more manageable, less stressful for me.  But, just like with Noah found out after the flood, far too easily we fall into temptation again, and then we sin.

In my Bible Study we are studying the book of Genesis, and last week we finished our discussion on the Flood.  We had already learned how steadfast Noah was in following the directives given to him by God.  He spent countless years working on the ark, he witnessed and called the people to repentance at the same time, and when the rains came, he listened to God and got on the ark when he was told, and stayed on until God told him to get off.  But, just like us, once he was back on solid ground, and was working and farming and making wine, he fell into temptation, got drunk, naked, and sinned.  Isn’t it amazing how incredibly easy it is for a man such as Noah to fall into sin?  It is the same for you and me.  Sin is ever present, and the only way to fight it and the devil as he tries to put himself between us and God is to submit to God, just as James 4:7 tells us.  My friends, remember this verse this week, and report back next week to let us know if your life went easier this week.  Now, please take the time to read and pray for these requests and lift up the praises!

Prayer Requests.

  • Please pray for my dear friend Heidi’s friend Levi. Here is what she wrote on Facebook:

    I just heard that the sweet boy in this picture with me was in a VERY SERIOUS motorcycle accident this morning – broken neck, two broken legs, and lots of other injuries. Please say a prayer – or lots of prayers – for Levi.

    Please pray with me:

    “Heavenly Father, we know that You are always there for us when we need You, and that You are looking after us all the time. Please be with Levi right now as he fights for his life, and if it is in Your will, please allow him to be healed of his terrifying injuries. Lord, we ask that You guide the hands of his medical team so that they may work with You on healing him, and that You give his family and friends the Peace, Comfort, and Strength they need — and that You give these things to Levi also. Lord, be with those that are closest to Levi, and show them that with You, all things are possible, even injuries such as he has suffered. We ask these things in the name of Your Son Jesus with Thanksgiving. Amen!”
  • My friend has an unspoken prayer request. This reminds me that we don’t need to know the details, that God does know them, and that He will be able to answer the call. So, please pray with me:“Heavenly Father, we sometimes forget that there are millions and millions of unspoken prayer requests. It is easy to pray for all of these that we see listed here, but we also need to pray for those that don’t voice their requests. Lord, please lift up all of those that are hurting, that are suffering, but haven’t found the courage to speak up to be heard. Please grant them Your Peace, Comfort, and Strength so that they may be able to deal with their problems with You leading them, and not try and tackle their problems on their own. Lord, help them to see that with You all things are possible. It is in the name of Your Son Jesus that we pray with thanksgiving. Amen!I have learned that my friend’s Uncle has had a heart attack. Please also pray healing prayers for her Uncle, in addition to praying for the skill of the medical team treating him, and for the rest of what I wrote previously. Thanks everyone!
  • My Dreams of Disney reader Katy left this comment:My little 17 month old fell last night and needed stitches on her forehead. Same place that she hit during the summer and needed stitches. I feel awful. I know it’s not a super important request but I just pray she doesn’t hurt herself there again.
  • My Dreams of Disney reader Jerry left this comment with his prayer request:My prayers this week are for the people of the Philippines.Please pray for the people of the Philippines in this time of horrific tribulation! Thank you everyone!
  • My Dreams of Disney reader Christine echoed what Jerry said:my prayers are for my motherland natives and family in the Philippines. Amen.
  • On a personal note, please lift up my family, Uncle Bill, Aunt Joan, and my cousins David, Bob, and Jennifer, as they mourn their son and brother Chuck.  The memorial and visitation for Chuck was on Friday November 15th, on what would have been his 50th birthday, so thank you for lifting up the family with prayers for Peace, comfort, and strength at this time.  Thank you all.
  • Prayers for my friend Jodi, who is in transition from Texas to Florida and their new house!  Moving is always stressful, so please pray that things would go well, and that they would be able to get settled in quickly and without headache!


  • My Dreams of Disney reader Amber wrote this praise — thank you, Amber!
    I love the prayers of the week post you do, it is awesome! You seem to be a thoughtful, caring amazing person to take the time to write this and ask for everyone to pray for these precious people! Thank you!
  • My cousin Bob wrote a beautiful statement regarding his brother Chuck.  Please lift them up in praise and prayer:
    Thank you to all my aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends and friends of Chuck. Today was a day to remember the good times and help each other with healing from the pain of loosing of a loved one. I do hope we can all get together again soon, just for the fun of it!!
    And I know many people weren’t able to make it, but you were a part of Chuck’s life, too, and I thank you for that.
    And thank you so much, Lori, for being my rock for me to lean on and cry. Without you, I don’t know how I would have made it through these rough waters. I told you this the other night, and I still feel the same way. Love you!!
  • Lastly, special praise goes out to everyone that participated in the 2nd Annual Edenton Street UMC Block Party!  It was a big success, full of fellowship, fun, and praise for God!

My friends, thank you for taking the time each week to pray for these requests!  It means the world to everyone that takes the time and has the courage to share their fears, so the fact that you are praying for them means a great deal to me.  Please, please, please, if you have a prayer request, leave us a comment so that we can pray for you too!  Thank you, and have a blessed day!