After 17 days, 163,961 entries, and verification of the winning selections by our Rafflecopter widget, congratulations are in order to Katy, the winner of the $400 Disney Gift Card, and Kimberly, the winner of the $200 Disney Gift Card!  On behalf of myself and all of my Disney fan blog friends, we would like to congratulate the winners, but also send out a special and very heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for entering the sweepstakes, checking out our blogs, and hopefully learning a bit more about our Disney passion that runs within all of us!

There are a lot of great Disney fan sites out there, and our list is certainly not all of them!  Stay tuned, too, you never know when we might have another Disney Gift Card sweepstakes!  Who knows, maybe the next one will be even bigger than this one…

The thing I like about these sorts of sweepstakes is in hearing the reaction from the winners.  Katy was very excited to win — she has a trip coming up that this will be of great help for!  Kimberly was also ecstatic to have won!  She has a very touching and special tribute that she does on every trip in memory of a loved one, and this will really make it that much better!

Again, thank you for following us on our Disney journeys, and we hope you will stick around and continue to come to our sites to get your Daily Disney Fix!  Have a great day, and remember to make it a Disney Day!