My Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions


Hello everyone, and welcome to My Dreams of Disney!  When you approach the Magic Kingdom, I know that the famous Disney Magic hits you right in the face, and draws you in.  I know that the Magic Kingdom is full of experiences, emotions, excitement, and memories, but at some point, we all go to the Magic Kingdom for the attractions!  In today’s post, I’m going to take a look at my top five Magic Kingdom attractions — and I invite you to join in on the comments and tell me YOUR top five attractions!

#5: Haunted Mansion



Coming in at number 5 in my list is the Haunted Mansion.  This attraction is a good one, and is always full of fun for us.  If it has any drawback, it’s that the loading queue can be a bit much at times, but once you finish merging 100 people or more into one line, it’s all good!  Occasionally the ride does stop and start at times, but if you are lucky, it will happen at a great spot and you can get a great look at everything!

#4: Pirates of the Caribbean



At number four in our list is Pirates of the Caribbean.  This attraction used to be much higher up on the list — until I was absolutely spoiled by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland in New Orleans Square!  After that, I’m sorry to say that this ride just isn’t as much fun as it used to be!  Still, I love it, just not as much as I used to…

#3: Splash Mountain



At number three in our list is Splash Mountain!  This ride — which is an incredible ride, by the way — is my daughter Sophie’s favorite ride!  It does have one big drawback, though…the lines!  I love the story of Brier Rabbit as portrayed in the movie Song of the South, I love that it is a really long ride with many small drops, and I absolutely love the 52′ drop at the end!

#2: Peter Pan’s Flight



Peter Pan’s Flight is placed in number two on our countdown!  This classic Disney ride is one of our all time favorites because of the way the Imagineers designed the ride.  It’s almost always a toss-up for me in putting this attraction at number 2 or number 1 on my list, but for today, it sits at number 2…

#1: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad



As I said, Peter Pan’s Flight is a toss-up between number 2 and number 1 in my list, but for today, my big Kahuna attraction at the Magic Kingdom is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  The reason for this is because of an experience I had on our last trip — in fact, on the last night of our last trip.  It was July 27th, 2013, and I was with Cindy, Sophie, and a whole host of Pixie friends and their families at the Magic Kingdom.  A group of us decided to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and some of the kids had never been on it before.  Not only were they brave and ride the coaster, but they had the time of their lives and we got right back on it and road it again!  In fact, this time they rode with their hands up in the air the entire time!  It was a great end to our Pixie Trip, and because of that, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad currently sits at number 1 on my list!

Honorable Mentions…


Of course, Space Mountain is on my list — just not in the top 5.  Truthfully, I like Space Mountain at Disneyland better because you can have two to a row there, but I like ours also.


“it’s a small world” is another of my favorite rides, but I just ran out of numbers, so it is an honorable mention.  It would definitely make my list for a top 10 list!

Thank you all for stopping by today, I hope you will comment on your favorite attractions so that we can compare notes!  Let me know what you think of my choices, and thanks everyone!  Make it a Disney Day!