Image courtesy Jim Hill Media.
Image courtesy Jim Hill Media.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia segment!  Today I’ve got a “Did You Know” from the Walt Disney World Trivia Book, Volume 2, written by Lou Mongello.  But first, special thanks to my friends Jenn from Disney Babies Blog, Heidi from Heidi’s Head, and Jodi from Walt Disney World Magical Mouse Schoolhouse for joining in the fun!

Did You Know?

That there is a failed wave machine located on the southern shore of Beachcomber Isle near Disney’s Polynesian Resort?  It was put in place to provide waves for guests, but beach erosion was so bad that they ended up scrapping the project and scuttling the system to the bottom of the Seven Seas Lagoon!  Now, the purpose of the wave machine is as a reef for fish!

When I found this, I went to look for a photo to use, and found this link to Jim Hill Media where he answered a listener question about the topic.  There is a TON of great information in his post, including how the $400,000 (in 1971 dollars) project almost cost Dick Nunis his job!  To learn a lot more about this, head on over to Jim Hill’s site and read all about it!

Now, do you have a Disney themed blog?  If you do, google some good Disney trivia and join in the fun!  Just add your link to the linky code below on this site or on any of my co-writers’ sites!  Thanks for stopping by, and make it a Disney Day!

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13 Replies to “Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia – Wave Machine”

    1. I don’t think I ever knew that, Jenn! It’s a great concept and intriguing thought to putting one in back then. Thanks for commenting, have a great night!

  1. Obviously, Disney learned from their mistakes because they have a wave machine at one of the water parks, right? So, it wasn’t a total failure. :)

  2. I love random Disney trivia! I searched high and low for all info about the old water park, River Country. So cool people sneak in and get pics. I could never do that, though ;)

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