My friend Brenda and I when we met in 2011!
My friend Brenda and I when we met in 2011!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Wordless Wednesday — which, for me, is never wordless!  This week I’m sharing with you some of my pictures with my blog buddies!  I hope you enjoy!

My Pixie Friends!
My Pixie Friends!
Mike and Amanda from Disney's Cheapskate Princess!
Mike and Amanda from Disney’s Cheapskate Princess!
I'm with Heidi from Heidi's Head!
I’m with Heidi from Heidi’s Head!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing some of the pictures of me with my blog buddies that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!  Now head on over to Deb’s site Focused on the Magic to see the rest of the entries, and have a great day!

Focused on the Magic



16 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – Blog Buddies!”

  1. Great shots and great people. Hope to meet everyone some day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike you always have the biggest smile-so much fun looking at all the pictures . What close friends we have all made thanks to all of this. I can’t wait to meet you in person someday!

  3. Great pictures! Blog buddies are the best, as is that troll picture! :-)

    Thanks for sharing this week!

  4. Great pictures! Blogging buddies are the best!!! I can’t wait for the day I get to meet up with you and your lovely family in the park!!

  5. Great group of photos and memories. I love taking pictures in that spot in Norway. Of course, I think my favorite was with author Ridley Pearson after a tour of Epcot and he put the hat on too!

  6. As newbies, we’re very envious of all the blog buddy meet-ups we’re seeing!! Thanks for sharing! It’s inspiration for us to continue networking!!

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