Five Ways to Ruin Your Disney Vacation


There are countless things you can do to make a Disney vacation magical. We could spend days writing about the fabulous memories that a Disney vacation can bring. Today, we are not going to focus our attention there, rather we are going to discuss five ways you can turn a magical Disney trip into a mess before you can say Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Hoo)! So, listen up, read carefully and take note…..these tips are written from experience.

Five Ways to ruin your Disney vacation

  1. Go to Disney without a plan. Don’t make dinner reservations, don’t decide what parks you’ll visit, don’t do any research at all. This is the first way to ensure your trip will be a total mess. Without reservations for meals you might as well kiss any character dining experiences goodbye and you can be sure you’ll never step foot in the Castle! If you don’t decide what parks you’re going to visit on the days you’re there you’ll put yourself and your family at a deficit. Make plans. And, for heaven’s sake know how you’ll tour the park. Don’t stand around pointing aimlessly without a plan as to where you’ll go next. Know what type of rides and shows your family wants to focus on and what you are alright missing so that you don’t waste valuable time in the parks wondering what to do next. The parks are HUGE so don’t walk to and fro without a plan!
  2. Make regimented plans that you aren’t willing to change. I know, this seems counter to number one on the list, but stick with me. I am a planner. My family’s joke is that on our Disney trip our bathroom breaks are planned out. While that is a bit of an exaggeration, I have been known to be a bit of a control freak at Disney- well, maybe more than a bit. So, I speak from experience when I say…..let it go once in awhile. While I would NEVER venture to Disney without a plan, I’ve learned to allow myself and family the flexibility to take the magic in. Let the plan take a backseat to the magic…..sit on a bench and people watch…..listen to Merlin’s talk at the Sword in the Stone… a street performer….browse a shop. Just soak it in. You’ll thank yourself and your family will thank you.
  3. Wear high heels, flip flops, or other unsupportive shoe choice. Go ahead, try it. I mean if you walk the desert barefoot at least 15 miles a day then you’ll probably be alright. But, If you are just the average folks going on a Disney trip….for the love of Goofy, wear good, supportive, comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes are a best bet. I often wonder as I see a person walking around in high heels at Disney just what the end of their day is like. Are they actually able to walk the next day? I just don’t get those shoe choices. Take my advice, the best way to ruin a Disney trip is to have feet full of blisters by the afternoon of day one!
  4. Don’t take naps or breaks. Oh sure, there are folks that can go all day in the parks without heading back to their resort for a break or nap. I actually used to be one of those folks. Forget it now. There is actually a time at Disney when you can see the Disney villains take hold of people….it’s around 2:00 every afternoon….you see children crying, parents yelling, heck, you even see some parents crying and children yelling. Let’s face it, there is such a thing as The Disney Wall and when you hit it you are rendered worthless, like Tinkerbell without Pixie Dust, like Dumbo without a feather, like Lightening McQueen without wheels. You need a break. Trust me, not taking a break or a nap will make even the most amazing trip a wreck. Just give in and rest. Swim. Nap. You’ll be better for it!
  5. When it begins to rain, give up and go back to the resort for the day. Just stop right in your tracks, turn around and stay at the hotel. You entire vacation is over when it rains. This is a wonderful way to ruin your vacation, because it rains virtually everyday in Florida! My advice is to gleefully watch all the folks who didn’t read this blog run for cover and leave the park while you get into the shorter lines and ride till your heart sings! My favorite times in Disney parks are during or after rain showers. Very few rides at Disney close because of rain or storms so just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Don’t leave. Wait it out. This too shall pass, and then you’ll be happy you are still there because everyone else will be gone!

So, there you go. If you want to ruin your Disney vacation that you’ve saved 3 years for….go ahead, don’t plan, be rigid and not flexible, wear crummy shoes, stay till you drop, and run for the hills when it rains. Oh, you’ll thank me!

Here’s to the Magic!