Image ©Disney Parks Merchandise
Image ©Disney Parks Merchandise

Hello everyone, remember, starting Monday, May 13th, 2013, we are having a Newsletter-Only contest!  All of you that are subscribers to our newsletter will receive a special newsletter in addition to our normal newsletter, and in it, you’ll find a Rafflecopter contest widget embedded.  The beginning contests will have small prizes, but as we reach significant numbers of subscribers to our newsletter, we’ll be giving out better prizes.  Thanks for following along with us via our newsletter, and if you have any suggestions for improving the newsletter, please feel free to let us know your thoughts!  Thanks everyone!

The contest will run from Monday, May 13th, 2013 at Midnight until Sunday, May 19th, 2013 at 11:59PM.  There will be entries to be had each day, so make sure you check your newsletter every day!

Our first prize in our contest will be 5 randomly selected Disney Pins that I’ll be mailing to the winner.  Good luck everyone!  These pins will help you get started with Disney Pin Trading, or they will give you some free pins to give your kids so they can trade them if they want.

To subscribe to our newsletter, just click on our Subscribe link, enter your name and email address, and when you get our verification link via email, just click the verification link and you are all done!



4 Replies to “Don’t forget our Newsletter-Only Contest!”

  1. I got the special newsletter today, but there was no rafflecopter widget in it. How do we enter?

    1. I ‘viewed’ the newsletter in my browser and it came up. But it did not show in my email. Thanks for the chance.

    2. Sorry Kelly! That is fixed for the next edition, but in the meantime, click on the link in the newsletter at the top to view it in your browser and that should show the rafflecopter in that. Thanks and sorry! If you still have issues let me know and I’ll add your entries manually for you.

      1. I’m glad it worked for you Kelly. I’m posting a newsletter about the contest each day, in the rest of the ones I’ve got setup, it will have a link to click on to get your bonus entries.

        Thanks again!

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