My favorite Snack choices at Walt Disney World

Disney Dining Review Hello everyone!  Today I’ve got a special treat for you — I am a new contributor for the Disney Food Report, and I am sharing my favorite snack choices at Walt Disney World!  I hope you enjoy eating at Walt Disney World, I know I do!  If you are interested in what I chose for my favorites, please head on over to the Disney Food Report to read all about it!  While you are there, check out the other great articles that my friend Brenda has for you!  I’ll bet there is something for everyone’s taste there!

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50 Days til Disneyland – Disney Animation!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

We are exactly halfway through our 100 Days to Disneyland series!  It’s been a really fast 50 days, I’m hoping that the rest of the 50 days go by as quickly, or even faster if possible!  Today we are taking a look at the Disney Animation facility, which houses several different attractions!  Located at Disney’s California Adventure Park in Hollywoodland, this building is the hub of many different attractions.  I have already talked about some of them, here is the list of what you can find in this building:

  • The Animation Courtyard
  • Animation Academy
  • Character Close-Up
  • Sorcerer’s Workshop, featuring these three interactive experiences:
    • Magic Mirror Realm
    • The Beast’s Library
    • Ursula’s Grotto
  • Turtle Talk with Crush

As I said, this building is really the hub for an incredible selection of attractions and things for you to do.  This building feels a lot like the Walt Disney World attraction “The Magic of Disney Animation” but with some different attractions housed within.

So tell me, please, do you like the Disney Animation building and all that is contained within, or do you kind of skip past it as you look for more exciting E-Ticket attractions?  Please let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!