Liberty Square Bridge
The Bridge over to Liberty Square

A few simple pictures from our last trip to Walt Disney World that I’m sharing for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.  While that was not in April, I think any of these pictures can serve as a great calendar shot for April.

Dapper Dans & Sophie
The Dapper Dans with Sophie
Tomorrowland Speedway
A different view of the Tomorrowland Speedway
Via Napoli Chandelier
The Via Napoli Chandelier is so colorful!
Cinderella Castle
The perfect shot any time of the year — Cinderella Castle!

Thank you for stopping by as we share some of our photos with you!  Special thanks, as always, to Deb from Focused on the Magic for hosting, now please go check out the rest of the entries for this week!  Just click on the button below!

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9 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – April Calendar Shot”

  1. I left a comment before from my phone but I don’t see it so I’ll say it again. I love these pictures! Sophie is so cute with the Dapper Dans and you are so right, the castle is perfect any time of year!! Thanks for sharing and for joining in on the DWW Blog Hop fun today:)

  2. I was just showing a pal MY shot of that same Via Napoli chandelier- it’s that special! As are all your shots of my absolute favorite place!!

  3. Another Via Napoli fan here too! You have some great shots. They make me home sick!

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