Image ©Disney Parks
Image ©Disney Parks

As the days count down closer and closer towards our Disneyland trip, I find myself getting closer and closer to regressing into the little boy that my wife says I act like sometimes.  As a result, rides that I don’t think I have any business wanting to ride I find myself really looking forward to.  Today’s ride — the Casey Jr. Circus Train — is just such a ride!

It is 58 Days til Disneyland, and something about the Casey Jr. Circus Train just captivates me!  I think with Casey Jr., the overall feeling I get is like I’ve stepped into a movie, and I’m given a birds eye view of what it is like to live in Storybook Land.  Or, perhaps riding on the Casey Jr. Circus Train is my way of putting myself in Walt’s footsteps, imagining myself as an honored guest given the extraordinary privilege of being able to ride the backyard Carolwood Pacific Railroad layout.  I wouldn’t dream of being able to operate such a storied locomotive, but being able to take a ride on it — now that would be a dream come true.

I just did a quick Google Search, and came across some really great footage of Walt Disney operating a 1″ backyard train set in the backyard of Dick Jackson.  Take a look at this video, it is short, but incredible!

In the end, I really don’t have any idea why I want to ride Casey Jr. Circus Train attraction, but I’ve decided that really doesn’t matter.  It will be fun for me, for my train-loving soul to ride as many trains at Disneyland as I can, because that, my friends, will bring me even closer to the legacy that Walt Disney has left for us to enjoy.  Perhaps I have my answer as to why I want to ride the Casey Jr. Circus Train after all.



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    1. Well, Beth, then I’ll go ahead and do a video of it to share with you when we get back! Did you see that cool video of Walt Disney on the train? I loved it!

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