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Welcome to the inaugural post for our 100 Days til Disneyland series!  It is hard to believe for us, but in 100 days we will be at Disneyland!!!  I have an ambitious project — to post a different thing we are looking forward to each day for the next 100 days!  Do you think I can do it?  Well, we’ll find out, but I’m certainly looking forward to the challenge!

Today’s post is a look at the Matterhorn Bobsleds.  Did you know that the Matterhorn Bobsleds only exists at Disneyland — no other park has the attraction!  Also, did you know that this attraction is located right on the line between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and that it actually has two tracks, and two different queues — one in Fantasyland, and the other in Tomorrowland?

Also, the Fantasyland track is longer then the Tomorrowland track, and this roller coaster, which opened in 1959, is the first tubular steel continuous track roller coaster ever constructed!

So tell me, please: what do you think of the Matterhorn Bobsleds?  Worth the ride, take it or leave it, or what?  Also, do you have a favorite track?  I’ve heard that depending on the time, only one track may be open at a time.  Which track is normally the one open, or does it vary?  I love comments, please feel free to leave one, and thanks for stopping by!



6 Replies to “100 Days til Disneyland – Matterhorn Bobsleds!”

  1. It will be fun to follow along with your 100 day countdown! I’m envious of your Disneyland trip, Mike! Wish we could go with you. It was in our plans for this year too – but plans change, right?

  2. I love the Matterhorn. Unless it breaks down while you are seated in the sun. Then it is gross.

  3. Hi Mike, did you know that there is a half size basketball court built into the Matterhorn mountain? During construction there workers couldn’t easily do up and down during breaks so they built a recreation area into the mountain. I know you will enjoy Disneyland, I am hoping to get back to Disneyland soon myself.

  4. Thanks for all the comments, Heidi, Gaylin, and Theresa! I’ll just hope and pray that it doesn’t break down while I’m riding it! That actually happened to us on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World when we were there for the 40th Anniversary! Here is the YouTube video of my footage — taken from my iPod Touch. The person screaming like a “girl” — well, that’s me…

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