81 Days til Disneyland – Big Thunder Ranch!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

The Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo is located, ironically in my opinion, right next to the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ restaurant!  Located in Frontierland, the petting zoo appears to me to be the perfect little place to relax and enjoy some quiet time in between those crazy e-ticket attractions.  The Petting Zoo is our choice for day 81 in our Days til Disneyland countdown.

At the zoo you can find cows, goats, pigs, donkeys, and sheep for your youngster to pet.  On the Disneyland website, this attraction is listed as being in the “Fun for Little Ones” category, so it certainly isn’t for everyone.  However, knowing Disney as we all do, I would be surprised if there wasn’t some great educational value to Big Thunder Ranch!

I think we’ll take a look at it, just to say we did, but I don’t expect that we will spend too much time here — but who knows?  It never ceases to amaze me the things that Sophie enjoys — this might be her favorite thing!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Easter, everyone!  He is Risen!  Jesus is Risen, indeed!

He is Risen! Jesus is Risen, indeed!

jesus_resurrection He is Risen!  Jesus is Risen, indeed!  With those simple, simple words, the world was irrevocably changed for the better.  Gone were the days of darkness; the Light has arrived! Jesus the Son, Perfection, God in man form, has saved all that believe in Him from their sins.

Today is Easter, my dear friends, and those of us that are in Christ and have Him in our hearts are celebrating the joy and peace that His Resurrection has provided us!

We have had a lot of prayers requested this week, and I’ll get to them further on in this post.  However, with this being Easter Sunday, today we are going to offer up our praises first.  If you wish to go back through the weeks prior to this one to see the prayer requests, here is the list of our posts — just click on any of them that you wish to look back at.


  • All of the requests that people have been leaving with us — and we are honored that you all feel comfortable leaving those requests so that others can pray for you — would have absolutely no meaning if Jesus wasn’t our Lord and Savior!  The biggest Praise we can have any week, but especially today, is that Jesus came to earth, shared His ministry, taught us all that Love matters, and then, in the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate expression of love — at that moment, Jesus died for us!  The story would just be a tragedy if it happened then, but the beauty of that story is that it didn’t end there.  Today, thousands of years ago, the stone of the tomb was rolled away, and Jesus was gone!  But He wasn’t taken — no, it wasn’t anything as ordinary as that!  Jesus was Risen!  And with that wonderful Resurrection, Jesus overcame death, and paid the ultimate penalty of our sin for us — for those of us that believe in Him!
  • Holy Week has been a tumultuous week for my family.  We have had school issues that we have been dealing with, Sophie got sick on Monday, and then had an issue later on in the week. On Thursday we went to a beautiful church service, our annual Maundy Thursday service, and then on Friday, Sophie woke up with an ear infection.  We were able to get to the doctor, and they were able to give us the medicine we needed, which was good, because Sophie was an Acolyte for our Good Friday service of Tenebrae, and she was able to perform her service to God without any problems.  All of this, in many ways, reminds me of the Holy Week that Jesus endured the week of his Crucifixion.  So triumphant one day, and so horrific the next.  So Praise be to God, for helping my family get through our week, and helping Sophie to show her love for You in your Service.
  • A Special Praise to you, Lord, for your servant Tommy.  Tommy was admitted back to the hospital this week, and the doctors don’t give much hope.  However, what we know, Lord, is that Tommy is your servant, he has spoken for You at his rebaptism ceremony, and while only You know how long Tommy has, we also know that Tommy is being kept comfortable, and isn’t in much pain.  That is the praise.
  • Lastly, we give praise to You for all of the things that You have done for all of us, even those that we don’t even realize are being done for us.  I particularly give praise to all of my Brothers from the Men’s Study, those that shared their stories of love with all of us, those stories that told us all how living for You has changed their — no, our — lives.  Thank you for that wonderful night!

Prayer Requests

Please keep these prayer requests in your thoughts this week as you say your prayers:

  • Alanna sent me a Facebook message and asked that I pray for her. She has right knee pain and needs healing for it. Please include her in your prayers so that she might have comfort and healing from her ailment. Thanks!
  • Christa sent me a prayer request via Twitter. She asks for the following things. Please pray for her in her time of need:  “Prayers for peace, prayers for a job opportunity, prayers to get life back to what it was before 12/4/12. Thx”
  • Rosemary asked for continued prayers from a prior Prayer Request:  “Keep them coming for me, please, Mike. I spent the weekend in the hospital after some minor surgery. I am positive that with God’s help, I will be fine, but more prayers are always appreciated. Thank you.”
  • Emily left a comment on our Facebook page, she said: “Love this post!!! Thank you….I will take ANY prayers.” Emily, I’ll pray that you know Jesus and that the Holy Spirit lives in your heart!
  • Lisa left a comment on our Facebook page also, here is what she said:  “I need to go to Disney really soon! Good thoughts are in order!”  Lisa, prayers that you get the break from daily struggles that you need and that you are able to remember what it is like to be a kid once again at your closest Disney park!
  • Tina also left a comment on our Facebook page. She needs prayers for her adult son. Here is what she said: “My adult son that was raised to do right but is making wrong choices!” Tina, we will pray for your son, that he learns that life is much harder when you don’t have Jesus to guide you, and that your son will return and let Jesus into his heart soon. In the meantime, we’ll also pray for your Peace from worry, comfort that all will be okay, and also we’ll pray that nothing harmful happens to your son while he is walking alone in the wilderness. Please keep us updated, thanks!
  • Cathy has the same type prayer request as Tina does. She left her comment on Facebook:  “Mine is the same as Tina. Both of my children have chosen to walk away from the Lord and how they were raised. Breaks my heart.”  Cathy, I’m sorry that you are going through this. Know that we will all include you and your children in our prayers, that they realize that they are missing out on the best things life can give by turning from the Lord, and that they will come back to Him soon. We’ll also pray for your Peace, Comfort, and that nothing happens to them while they are alone in the wilderness. Please keep us updated!
  • Julie has a prayer request related to adoption that she would like for us to pray about. Here is what she wrote:  “We’ve been trying to have a 2nd child for over 10 years after having one miracle that we were told would never be born. (He’s a fabulous 11 year old.) I’ve been talking with a young lady contemplating adoption. I pray that she finds guidance in whatever her decision turns out to be in the end. I also ask for prayers that we are blessed by adoption. We can’t afford the high cost or we would have went this route in the past, but we would be able to do an independent adoption. We’d love to find a family willing to share a child with us. We hope that God keep us in his graces.”After I replied to her, she also had this follow up:  “Thank you! We are very thankful for what we have been given and feel that it is too much to ask for another miracle and pray each day that when God is ready he will present another child to us. Since I have started talking to this expectant mother, my prayer has been for her and not for ourselves. She is really struggling with the decision and I pray that she will eventually see whatever is best for her and the baby whatever that may be. I’ve seen many of God’s sign that He has a plan for us and we are willing to wait for Him, but prayers never hurt.”

    My prayer, Julie, is for God to look upon the birth mother with kindness, that He help her to realize the best course of action that she should make with regards to her baby, whether it be to put it up for adoption or to keep the baby. If it is God’s will that the baby be put up for adoption, it is my prayer that she follow through on that, as hard as it would be, and know that she is giving her baby the best start at life that it can possibly have. I also pray that she is healthy in her carrying of the baby, and that the baby is healthy as well.

    Please keep us updated, Julie, on how things work out. Thanks!

  • Candace wrote us with this request:  “Prayers for new employment AGAIN!! Started as a dispatcher last April for the same police agency I was laid off from in 2010. Just didn’t hack the training and was let go. Now the job search continues again. °o° ❤”  We’ll be praying for you, Candace, that you are able to find a job soon! Please keep us updated, and in the meantime, keep your chin up!
  • Rhonda is battling asthma, and needs our prayers. Here is what she wrote on our Facebook page:

    Fighting illness, had asthma for 16 years and was at th ER yesterday in a very bad attack- still not at 100%, seems to be the worst episodes I remember having….

    We’ll be praying for you, Rhonda, that you get over this latest attack and that the doctors can get it under control!

  • Carla has some family members and friends that need some lifting up to the Lord right now! They need to see that God loves them, and that He will comfort them, give them that Peace that only God can provide, and that He will also shower them with strength to get through the days and weeks ahead. Here is what she wrote:

    That is absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing your love of our Heavenly Father! My son is struggling in his belief right now, I’d love for you to keep him in your prayers. There is also a young man I know who is having some personal battles (many of them) He is a man of God, and could really use some prayers as well. I’ll message you with their names.

    In addition to that comment, she mentioned that her son is fighting his faith right now. Please pray that he will see that the key to salvation is belief through faith, and that we are going to have troubles in this world, but those that have Jesus in their corner can take on anything and know that they will be better off! She went on to add:

    Her son’s friend is having many personal battles with employement, many losses in his family due to suicide, and his girlfriend is dying. They could both use some lifting up. Thank you again for offering. I keep all of my facebook friends in my prayers as well. God bless you today, and always.

    Please lift her son’s friend up, that he be able to win all of these battles, that he be able to have the Peace and Strength to overcome the losses in his family, and that his girlfriend be able to overcome her illness. If that is not possible, pray that she knows Jesus and has Him in her heart, so that she may know that feeling of Peace that only God can provide, and that she might have the Strength to continue to battle. Also pray for her family and friends, that they would have the courage to face what lies ahead, and the strength to deal with the challenges, and also be able to comfort her as they are able. Thank you, everyone, for praying for these people, and all the other prayer requests!

  • Laurie left a comment on Facebook, she is in need of housing. Here is what she wrote:

    I NEED A HOME!!! I iwant to go to parks so bad but have to watch every penny. I will be on the street on March 12 probably. Nobody has a free room and I cannot find rentals under $400 a month. I tried everything, got friends trying everything. Tired of living so frugal that I cannot buy a cheeseburger at Art of Animation.

    Laurie, I’m praying for your housing situation, also make sure that you yourself keep your priorities in line — which I’m sure you are doing. Worry about your life situation first, then deal with the parks when you’ve got things worked out. They will always be there. I hope everything works out with your housing — you mentioned March 12th, did you mean April 12th? Please correct that if you can. May the peace of God be upon you in your time of trouble, and may He shower you with His comfort and help you find the strength to continue to battle these difficulties!

    After this post, Laurie had a follow up message.  Here is what she had to write:
    um oops, yeah, lol, was listening to Song of the South and forgot about the month. April 12 is right. My mother sold her house then died. I was to get half in 6 months or a year. I have been living in hotels at $800 to $1000 a month for a year and that was supposed to end on February 27th and now a month later and still no money. If I get that money I could live well for 2 years or get a home and live comfortable for 30 years. I just wish and pray that the realtor would give me my money then my problems would be solved. hugs and bless you.

    Laurie left this update on the Facebook page, it’s a start at least!

    OMG, the realtor said he is sending me $700 out of his pocket, that will get me 2 more weeks and will get me to the 26th of april. If I am very careful with finances I can slingshot into May and then last until May 17th. THANK YOU, hugs tight, not the answer I want or need but at least his heart is softened and he realizes that QUALITY OF LIFE is important not just me living from day to day without going places or anything. hugs tight, it is a blessing, hugs tight

    We’ll keep the prayers coming, Laurie! Thanks for the update!

  • My good friend and co-worker Jon needs prayers for his brother Tom, who has some blood clots in his lungs. He spent some time in the hospital because of it, and he’s better now, but prayers for his healing and comfort are always appreciated. Also pray for the entire family so they do not stress too much over this, that God would give them the Peace they need.
  • Karen on Facebook asks for prayers for her family. I don’t have specifics, but God doesn’t need the specifics — He already knows what is wrong. Lift up the family, please, to see them through whatever the issues might be.Karen’s daughter is a one year survivor of cancer at this point! Praise be to God for that miracle blessing! What Karen would like continued prayers for would be her daughter’s continued good health, and strength for Karen in the days and weeks and months to come to make sure that she is able to do the things that she needs to do for her family. God Bless You all, Karen, we are lifting you up!
  • Bridget on Facebook needs prayers for her niece. Here is what she wrote:

    My niece is having to have her Aortic valve replaced again after being post op 14 weeks from the first aortic valve replacement. Please pray that scar tissue will not develop again and she recovers as well this time as last. She is a mother of 2 young men.

    We’ll be praying for her, Bridget! Prayers for her healing with no scar tissue, and also prayers for God’s Peace and strength to be yours while you are worrying over her.

  • The last prayer request this week is from one of my dearest friends on earth.  This Sister is going through some deeply emotional family turmoil, and she needs prayers in the biggest way.  Please pray for her family, for God’s Peace to descend upon them in great abundance, and that their prayers would be answered.  Lord, please give them the comfort and strength that only You can provide, and keep them all safe from harm.  Thank you, Lord!

Thank you all so much for sticking through this to the end, it is a big blessing to know that so many prayer requests are being lifted up to God by complete strangers!  It truly warms my heart to know that the Lord is hearing our prayers from all over the world!  I’m going to leave you with the three most important words you will here today: “He is Risen!”

The Disney Apps I roll with!

iphone5_large-294128 Today on Facebook, a couple of friends of mine asked me what Disney apps I recommend and have on my iPhone.  As a result, I decided to do a quick list of the apps I have and give a little bit of information about them.  I hope you enjoy!  By the way, this list is in order that I have them on my “Disney” folder on my iPhone — which is alphabetical by title as seen on my iPhone.  This is not a list of favorite to least favorite, or anything like that.  I like them all!

  • Disneyland Mobile Guide — From the TimeStream Software folks, this has a bunch of information about Disneyland that you can look at while you are at the parks! At only $0.99, it’s a great value!
  • Undercover Tourist Disney World App — this app shows wait times for rides, restaurants, park hours, and more.  I have the free version, but they also have an upgrade you can do to remove the ads.
  • My Disney Experience — this app is tied into Disney World’s MyMagic+ system that Disney is introducing — the jury is still out on this app.  Right now it is kind of buggy, but I can see the benefits of it once they get the kinks worked out!
  • DVC Planner — for you DVC owners out there, get the DVC Planner app.  I love this app, it is a great way to keep track of your reservations, points, contracts, and more!  I got in early, the app is now $1.99, but I don’t remember paying for it when I downloaded it a couple of years ago.  Still, I would pay the $1.99 because I like the app that much.
  • Disneyland Secrets Gold – another great app from TimeStream Software, this app has a lot of great secrets for you — and if you are like me and have never been to Disneyland, this is of great use in planning your trip!
  • Disney World Secrets Gold — the companion app from TimeStream Software to Disneyland Secrets Gold, this app focuses on Walt Disney World!
  • WDW Lines from Touringplans.com — This app is considered the ultimate app to have when you are visiting Walt Disney World!  Utilizing the technology that Touringplans.com has implemented, this app allows you to find out wait times, update them for others, and more.  Note: the app is free, but some features require you to login with your login to touringplans.com, which costs $11.95 for one year.
  • Disney World Maps — this free app shows you maps from all around Walt Disney World.  The app is free, but is ad driven.  You can upgrade for a few dollars to remove the ads.
  • Disney World Mobile Guide — one other app from TimeStream Software, this is another good app for looking at the resorts, wait times, maps, dining, park events, hours, and more.  This app is reasonably priced at $2.99, in my opinion.
  • Main Street Windows — this simple app, which is the last I have on my phone, is also from TimeStream Software, and is a neat little app that talks about the incredible windows you can find on Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom.  Each window is discussed, instructions are given on where to find it, and more information on why the person or people were selected is given.  Best of all, this app is FREE!
  • The only other app that I highly recommend is the Disneyland Explorer app!  This free app goes into in-depth detail about Disneyland.  I highly recommend this app, even if you don’t plan on going to Disneyland anytime soon!

With that, my friends, I am going to close it down for now.  I hope you have found some great apps that you want to take advantage of.  Let me know what apps you use in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by!

82 Days til Disneyland – Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin!


Image ©Disney Parks

In Mickey’s Toontown you will find a “hare” raising adventure called Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin!  Get behind the wheel of an out of control taxi as you barrel through the streets of Toontown!

This ride appeals to me because it sounds fun, crazy, and zany, and it also has some rider participation to help determine how crazy it really is!  When you hit a “dip” in the road, your tires will dissolve, and then, your taxi spins out of control — and you can control how much they spin by using the steering wheel!

With only 82 days until our trip to Disneyland, each day I’m having more and more fun looking at the attractions that we are going to try out at least once.  So tell me, you Disneyland experts, what do you think of Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin?  Worth doing, worth missing, or do it once just so you can say you did it?  Please let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks for stopping by!

Keep in mind that we only have three days left in our Disney Dooney & Bourke Barrel Bag contest!  Are you going to win the purse?  Have you entered yet?  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

83 Days til Disneyland – King Triton’s Carousel!

Image ©Disney Parks

Image ©Disney Parks

Today is 83 days until our trip to Disneyland!  With each passing day, the number of days until our trip keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Before you know it, we will be in the 70s, then the 60s, and so on!  Today we are taking a look at King Triton’s Carousel of the Sea, which is located at Disney’s California Adventure Park, in the Paradise Pier section.  As the saying goes on the Disneyland website, “The only horse you’ll find at this unique marine carousel is a seahorse.”

Full of fun sea animals for the kids to ride, as well as two water chariots, there are a total of 58 different spots to ride on this attraction!  All of the animals are based off of Southern California wildlife, and you will find the following types of creatures to ride:

  • Colorful Seahorses
  • Flying Fish
  • Whimsical Whales
  • Dancing Dolphins
  • Silly Sea Lions

All of the creatures are hand carved, and I think this will be a fun type of carousel for us to try out!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today!  If you have missed any of the attractions, dining locations, and parades that we have featured on our 100 Days til Disneyland countdown, click the link to take a look at the page that has them all listed!