Disneyland Park - Fantasyland …and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (we don’t even have mice!) :)

Today is a big day for all of us in our house!  In about 20 minutes my daughter Sophie and I will be heading off to Edenton Street UMC to take part in one of their annual Christmas Eve Family services.  I’ll be ushering the 3PM service, and Sophie will play a roll as well!  She will either be one of the Heavenly Host, or one of the Wise Persons, or maybe even one of the Shepherds, but I don’t know which one yet!

Then, tonight, our family will be heading back to Church for the 11PM Christmas Eve Service!  We have never been to this service before, and not only will we be there, but Sophie is going to be one of the Acolytes for the service, which includes Communion during the service.

All of this is our way of bringing praise and glory to Jesus, the real reason for our season!  So then, why do I have a picture of Sleeping Beauty Castle at the top of the post, you might ask?

Well, I have it on good authority that one of the presents under our tree this year is information about our trip to Disneyland in the summer!  So, while nary a creature may be stirring in the classic tale of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…” — you can bet your bottom dollar that this writer is extremely excited about tomorrow and Christmas day!

From all of us at My Dreams of Disney, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and hope that the real reason for the season shines out loud and clear in your house, and around the world!  Merry Christmas!