Cheapskate Princess

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of Friendship Friday!  Last week I missed out because of work chaos, but this week I’m back, and the person I want to focus on today is my great friend Amanda — the creator of the site Disney’s Cheapskate Princess!

The blogging gig is an interesting one — quite often you interact with people for months on end, but you rarely meet them.  I can count on less then my 10 fingers the number of people I’ve actually met in my travels, and Amanda is one of them!

I first “met” Amanda when she became a writer for Chip and Company.  Amanda had a successful Facebook Fan Page, but no blog, and she and I struck up a friendship as I helped her get her blog going.  Amanda and I are both kind of wacky, and as a result, we hit it right off!

Amanda is a terrific writer, so on her blog I most often helped with her “technical challenges” as they arose. :)

I’ll never forget the day we met — at the Magic Kingdom this past June.

I had 9 park tickets with me, as I was making a beeline over to Space Mountain to get Fast Passes.  As I was walking over there, I heard someone yell out “Mike Ellis” and I turned around — but didn’t see anyone I knew, so I kept going and got our Fast Passes.

As I was walking back, this lady stops me and introduces herself — and it was Amanda!  You see, I didn’t recognize her because most of the time her Facebook picture is of some random thing or person — not of her — so it was great to meet her!  I also met her husband and kids, so it was quite enjoyable, and they met Cindy and Sophie.

It’s really hard for me to put into words what my friendship with Amanda really means to me.  She’s a great person, a teacher, and she has a huge depth of caring for her students.  She and I have struck up quite a friendship, and it’s not uncommon at all for us to text back and forth — or message on Facebook — late in the evening.  She loves numbers, so we often go back and forth about how well this article did (or didn’t do) or how well that article did.  Most of all, though, she has an incredibly kind soul — I don’t think she has ever met a person she didn’t like (or at least, didn’t talk their ear off!) — and she is forgiving, even when I post pictures like this, which she hates:

Mike and Amanda
Amanda, I didn’t post this to Pinterest. :)

That sums up my friendship with Amanda from Disney’s Cheapskate Princess.  If you haven’t seen her site, go check it out, and check out her Facebook Fan Page as well — you will love both of them as much as I love Amanda!  Now, go read who my great friend Heidi is focusing on this morning for her Friendship Friday post!  Just click on the button below, and thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Hi Mike,

    I just read your sweet post about Amanda. She recently stopped by my VERY new website and left the nicest comment. And I’ve been following both of you on Pinterest. It’s so very nice to start putting some faces together with the wonderful pages you’ve all created.

    So thanks for the added insight. And I hope we get to meet some day, too — and there’s no better place for that than in a Disney park!


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