Bald Eagle, Main Street Electrical Parade, Magic Kingdom, Veterans Day

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s Wordless Wednesday post!  Today’s theme is the November Calendar Shot, and I personally want to welcome back Deb from Focused on the Magic!  Deb is the host of this great series, and last week she was unable to put it on because of Hurricane Sandy issues, but those of us that know and love her did what we could to help and support her and the others in the Northeast that were affected.  We are still praying for all of you that are without power and homes and other essentials, and for those of you back on your feet, we’re giving praise to God for that as well!

The November calendar shot is special to me because of Veterans Day, so I thought, what better way of saying thanks to our troops in a Disney way then by sharing my picture of the Bald Eagle you find at the end of the Main Street Electrical Parade!  I really enjoy this parade, so I want to share some other photos as well, but none of them are as good as the one at the top to me.  What do you think, though?  Do any of these beat the one at the top?  Let me know in the comments, please, and thanks for stopping by! 

Main Street Electrical Parade, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Main Street Electrical Parade, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Big Ben

Main Street Electrical Parade, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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15 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – November Calendar Shot!”

  1. Beautiful shots! I really enjoy seeing the big eagle float down Main Street, USA. What a wonderful tribute to Veterans Day and a perfect calendar shot. Thanks so much for helping out last week! Thanks too for your kind words and prayers. It’s so good to be back!

  2. Perfect pictures for this month! This is absolutely my favorite parade and the eagle float always gives me chills when it goes by. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  3. Wow, you have some beautiful shots of the parade! I’ve never actually seen it in full – that’s something I’d really like to do next time I’m down there!

  4. Perfect for November! The photos are great – I’ve never been able to take good night time parade shots but I keep trying!

  5. That is so awesome, we took very similar pictures a month ago, except I failed miserably at the Eagle. I am glad you did better! Great pics

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