Disney In Pictures – “Thankful Things!”

I hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving!  I know I did!  Now that we have all digested our meals, don’t forget all of the things that you are thankful for!  Do you have a photo of something you are thankful for that you would like to share with us for this week’s Disney In Pictures?  If you do, follow these steps to send it to us so we can share it on Sunday:

  • Email the photo to mickey@mydreamsofdisney.com
  • Include your name, and why the photo is special to you
  • If you have a blog, feel free to share it, and we’ll link it so you can get some link love!

With all of the holiday action this week, entries are kind of scarce, so act now to get your pictures shared so we can see all of the things that you are thankful for!

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Being Silly at Walt Disney World!

By Theresa.

Ah, the joy (and as my boyfriend has called it “childlike wonder”) of Disney always brings out my silly side. When I am at Disney, I work hard to let go of my adult restrain and just have fun; “be” in the moment.

How many times have you bought a hat or a pair of mouse ears at Disney and then find that once you get home, you don’t even look at it? I find that a serious waste of money. My favorite way around this is what I have coined “the silly hat game”. Myself and whatever poor, unsuspecting soul I manage to rope in take pictures of ourselves wearing these hats and then put them back.

You would think that the staff in the various retail outlets would object to this kind of thing, but remarkably not one person has said a thing about my “game”. I try to play up the picture with facial expressions that complement the hat.

Of course, that’s not the only way to have fun (but is one of my favorite Disney activities.) Let your silly flag fly and see what else you find. You will be amazed at what kind of fun you can find as some of these pictures illustrate.

I found this troll statue in the Norway pavilion at Epcot and he made me smile so I needed a kiss.

If you need a little help accessing your silly side, I recommend the Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom. Yes, the groaners are pretty bad but they certainly are silly! Some of my favorites are “Watch out as Ginger snaps” while talking about the crocodiles that are sunning themselves; the “captain” telling us that it’s okay to take pictures of the elephants in the water as they are wearing their  “swim trunks”. Or my favorite (which I have only heard once but was so funny it has stayed with me) “Any child left on the ride will be taken to “it’s a Small World” where they will become part of the ride.”

I hope I have inspired you to let your silly side out, I promise you won’t regret it!

Friendship Friday: Happy Birthday Jim!

Kara Smith Photography

Image Courtesy and ©Kara Smith Photography

Welcome to a very special Friendship Friday.  Today is my brother-in-law Jim’s birthday!  Everyone wish him a happy birthday!  As you can see, just a few weeks ago he was receiving a kiss from his baby girl, my niece Stephanie, before she was married to Shane.  You can read his story here, but this isn’t about that day, this is about Jim, and all that he has meant to me over the 27 years that he has been married to my sister, Robin.

Jim has a big heart and a funny personality.  Not a day goes by when I see him when he isn’t cracking a joke about something, and that personality trait has been passed on to his kids as well.  In addition to that, though, Jim is mostly a soft-spoken person — although, let me tell you, he can make his point well-known when he needs to!

Some of my best memories from my later teenage years were from the time Robin and Jim were married.  In the blink of an eye, gone was the crabby older sister — and boy, do I mean OLDER — so Jim, if for nothing else, thank you for marrying my sister so she would move out! In fact, I’ve often said that Robin and I didn’t appreciate one another or become friends until she got married, so thank you Jim for that also!

When they first got married, Jim had the unfortunate circumstance of knowing that their first home, a townhouse, was about a block from our home.  After they got settled in, it became normal for all of us to spend some early evenings playing Monopoly, Spades, or other games after dinner.  I had fun during those times, I hope Jim did too!

Brett was born about a month after Robin and Jim celebrated their first wedding anniversary, Leslie two years later, and Stephanie, two years later after that!  It was around this time that Jim and Robin bought their house in Round Hill, and they were able to get away from my parents some!

I’ve known Jim for all of these years, and now that I’m a parent, I’ve learned a few things from Jim.  When Sophie was first born, she hated burping after eating (now, not so much — just kidding!)

I’ll never forget watching Jim hold Sophie — itty bitty little Sophie, for what felt like an hour at least, just gently massaging her back, when all of a sudden she burped!

I’ll also never forget the one and only time I ever babysat Brett as a baby — boy oh boy, what a mess did I make with Brett’s diaper! Jim was closer to home, so he came home and bailed me out.

Now that Sophie is getting older, she doesn’t seem to need us as much, and before I know it, the day will come when Sophie is kissing me on the cheek just like Stephanie kissed her Daddy.  Jim, when that day comes, count on me to come calling on you for advice!

Jim, I hope you have a great birthday!  Give all the kids a hug and kiss for us, and say hi to the newlyweds!

My friend Heidi is the inspiration behind the Friendship Friday series for me!  She even lets me link up with her site each week!  Click on the image below to see what friend she is highlighting today, and thanks for stopping by!