Wordless Wednesday – Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Sophie, Mickey's Backyard BBQ

Celebrating Sophie’s 10th birthday!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop that my friend Deb from Focused on the Magic hosts each week!  As always, it is a fun time to be able to link up with Deb and all the other great blogs that come to the hop, so thank you Deb for hosting it!

This week’s theme is Mickey Mouse, which is extremely relevant since Mickey celebrated his 84th birthday on November 18th with the release of the classic Disney short, Steamboat Willie!  I’ve got the YouTube video embedded here so you can watch it!

In addition to that classic video, I’ve got my own pictures to share with you, so sit back and enjoy!

Today is little Izaiah’s birthday! Happy Birthday Izaiah!

That wraps it up for us this week!  Go head on over to Deb’s site to see the rest of the entries!  Just click on the button below, and thanks for stopping by!

Focused on the Magic

Disney Dreams from Theresa!

Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle

Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom is one of my very favorite places on Earth.

Our new writer Theresa!

{My Dreams of Disney would like to welcome Theresa, one of our new writers, and thank her for her post today!  This is her introductory post, so make sure you say hi and make her feel welcome!  Thanks!}

Hello everyone! First and foremost, I want to say thank you to Mike for setting up this wonderful site and allowing me to be a part of it. Since you are here, I am guessing that either you are a Disney fan or are curious and want more Disney in your life. I know Mike has worked hard getting this going and you are probably asking yourself who’s this new person and why should I care about anything she has to say?

Please let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. My name is Theresa and I LOVE Walt Disney World. In fact, much of my free time is spent thinking about it. If I’m not actually at Disney World, I am either planning my next trip or reliving the memories of a previous trip. I have been to Disney World 16 times and am in my countdown phase for my next trip (in February of 2013). I have stayed both “on property” as well as hotels near Disney World and have opinions and thoughts about on property vs. off property stays. Also, I am a “details” person and therefore tend to notice things others don’t usually notice and am always happy to share those tidbits of information.

My friends and family have often said I am such a Disney fan, I should work for Disney. To be honest, I did apply to work in Disney World and given that I have an Associate’s degree in Hospitality Management, I would have been a good fit. In fact, I was offered a job as soon as I was able to get myself moved to Orlando and settled in. In the long run, I decided that I couldn’t be that far away from my family and my daughters were settled here in Massachusetts (where I live). I felt that it would be selfish of me to uproot their lives for my dream. That being said, I am the “Disney” expert that people turn to for trip planning and any Disney World related questions.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you. If there is something specific you would like to know about, please feel free to leave comments at any time. I will try to answer them quickly; if an answer is in-depth, I will probably base a post on it. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Thanks to my friends at Mouse Chat Podcast!

My friends at Mouse Chat Podcast have one of the best Disney Travel podcasts in the business, as evidenced by their recent nomination in the Best Travel Podcast category of PodCastAwards.com!  I do not know if they have won or not, in fact, no one knows — the awards ceremony isn’t until January 7th, 2013, and will be streamed live on the Internet — but regardless of the outcome, there isn’t a podcast out there that I have enjoyed more then Mouse Chat.

The other day I received an incredible message!  I had won a contest that Mouse Chat was having!  I was shocked, because let’s face it, my site has been known to have a contest or two, but I’ve only won a few contests over several years, so I never expect to win!

The prizes: A set of 4 Porcelain 8″ Plates from the new Fantasyland area as well as a set of 4 Porcelain 4″ Coasters!  Check out the photos to see the designs!

If you have not listened to the Mouse Chat Podcast, you can check them out via iTunes and subscribe to the podcast there, or you can listen to them directly on the MouseChat.net website.  I strongly urge you to do so, you’ll be glad you did and you never know what you’ll here on the show!

To wrap it up, I’m sharing with you the Top 10 things you’ll here on MouseChat that you would never hear on the other nominations in the Best Travel Podcast Category (as seen on the Mouse Chat Podcast Facebook Page last week):

From the home office in Canton, Georgia, here are the Top 10 things you’ll hear on Mouse Chat that you won’t from the other Disney podcasts nominated in the travel category in the podcast awards:

10. The unconventional uses for a bushel of apples, and what your used car salesman isn’t telling you.
9. Fashion tips for the budget conscious gentleman from Steve, or how $8 sneakers make the man.
8. Lisa’s strange obsession with baking sprinkles, and why she packages them in “dime baggies.”
7. Why getting drunk on a Disney cruise and the Righteous Brothers don’t mix (also known as “thank goodness You Tube didn’t exist in the year 2000.”).
6. Duffy the Bear conspiracy theories. Seriously, why IS he bigger than Mickey Mouse? And what’s with the hidden Mickey on his butt?
5. The “ins and outs” of alien abduction, and why there’s no probing going on these days (hint: it’s all about the tonsils. And the swagger).
4. Bob’s (poor) voice impressions of Sam Eagle, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Marvin the Martian (that one is actually pretty spot on) and Fozzie Bear. Okay, so he’s not really trying to sound like Fozzie, that’s just his normal voice.
3. The objects you have around your house right now that you can use to gouge out your eyes and ears rather than be subjected to another viewing of the Main Street Electrical Parade.
2. Andy Rooney style epic rants, now with less eyebrow.
1. Why it all comes down to carrot cake cookies, cupcakes, and the Grey Goose Orange Slushie sold in the France Pavilion.

Once again, thank you to my friends at Mouse Chat!  You certainly made my day!