After what has seemed like forever to me, our next great Disney contest is here! You can now enter to win one our Disney Dooney and Bourke Purse or one of two Disney Gift Cards! Here are the prizes that are part of our contest:

  1. Dooney & Bourke Disney Cruise Line Purse
  2. $75 Disney Gift Card
  3. $50 Disney Gift Card

How do you win, you say?  Well, you’ve got to enter!  This contest is being sponsored from the following great blogs and Facebook Pages, so make sure you check them out to get your daily Disney Fix:

Now, to enter, all you’ve got to do is complete the requirements in the Rafflecopter code below!  It’s as simple as it always is for our contests, and on top of it, there are bonus entries you can get for leaving a blog post comment, sharing the contest, and tweeting about it!  In all, you can get a total of 194 entries in the contest!  I originally said there were 182 entries, but I had forgotten that one of the entries could be done each day!  The contest will run from Saturday, October 27, 2012, starting at 12:01 EDT, and will run until 12:01AM EST on Monday, November 5, 2012. While there is plenty of fun to be had sharing the contest, we aren’t going to drag it out so long that you end up going crazy waiting for the contest to end!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who has been hoarding all their Disney Magic to redeem for the winning entry?  Will it be you?  Make sure you enter or you can’t win!



38 Replies to “Enter Now to Win a Dooney and Bourke Disney Cruise Line Purse or a Disney Gift Card!”

  1. I’m sad I had to withdraw from hosting this contest, but I’m glad too, because now that means I have a chance to win one of these awesome prizes! Thanks for hosting, Mike!

  2. Great contest!! I am sharing this on my FB page and my blog’s FB page (MapleMouseMama). Nice prizes folks!


  3. I would love to win on of the gift cards for my Birthday trip to DisneyWorld this November, it would be used to pay for a Character Dinning meal, we’ve never done one before…

  4. i would love to win a giftcard! it would be perfect for my birthday dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant in November! :) a Disney dooney would be super glam though!

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  6. We’re hoping to go in April and this would be a huge boost to our trip! We’re even bringing my mother in law this time!

  7. Thank you for this fun contest! I so look forward to anything that reminds me of my visits to WDW ;-)

  8. This would be a great way to contribute to Disney fund! I’m trying to raise the money for our trip without taking anything out from our bank account. Half-way there!!

  9. :( the pin it and the facebook share button don’t work at the end of this post, it just redirects to same page.

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  11. Who could say no to a Dooney & Burke? But I”d love to win one of the gift cards for our trip in December most! That would be such a blessing! Thanks for all the awesome contests you do!


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