Happy Halloween! The Haunted Mansion Tricks, Contest Treats!

MouseandMemos.com, The Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square

Image Courtesy and ©MouseandMemos.com. Thanks for letting me use it!

Happy Halloween!  In honor of today’s tricks and treats, I thought I would share with you a video that Dennis Hansen has out on YouTube of The Haunted Mansion!  Hansen, you may recall, is the creator of the Disneyland Videos Podcast, and I was fortunate to interview him in January.

Of course, what are a few tricks without any treats?  You can still enter to win one of the prizes in our contest!  Here they are again, followed by the Rafflecopter Code to enter!  Good luck!

  1. Dooney & Bourke Disney Cruise Line Purse
  2. $75 Disney Gift Card
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How do you win, you say?  Well, you’ve got to enter!  This contest is being sponsored from the following great blogs and Facebook Pages, so make sure you check them out to get your daily Disney Fix:

Now, to enter, all you’ve got to do is complete the requirements in the Rafflecopter code below!  It’s as simple as it always is for our contests, and on top of it, there are bonus entries you can get for leaving a blog post comment, sharing the contest, and tweeting about it!  In all, you can get a total of 194 entries in the contest!  I originally said there were 182 entries, but I had forgotten that one of the entries could be done each day!  The contest will run from Saturday, October 27, 2012, starting at 12:01 EDT, and will run until 12:01AM EST on Monday, November 5, 2012. While there is plenty of fun to be had sharing the contest, we aren’t going to drag it out so long that you end up going crazy waiting for the contest to end!

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Who has been hoarding all their Disney Magic to redeem for the winning entry?  Will it be you?  Make sure you enter or you can’t win!

Wordless Wednesday – Disney Letter F!

Focused on the Magic
Today’s Wordless Wednesday Blog Post theme is the Disney Letter F, which is a wonderful theme if you ask me!  My good friend Deb from Focused on the Magic normally spearheads this blog hop, but she and the rest of the northeast are working on the things that really matter in the wake of former Hurricane Sandy, so I’m writing my blog post more in tribute for Deb and the rest of the people there then for any other reason.  Here are the things that matter to me about the Letter F:

  • Focus — as in Focus on staying safe!  You all have been in my prayers, and while I know the destruction has been intense, and there have been some tragic loss of life, please know that I’m still praying for all of you!
  • Focused on the Magic — Deb, special prayers go out to you and your family in New Jersey, along with the other incredible people that I’ve had the incredible pleasure of meeting over the past two years!  Stay Safe everyone!
  • Faith — Times like this brings out the best in people.  Unfortunately, it can also bring out the worst in people.  I have faith that, by and large, people will show compassion for their neighbor during this time.

Keep it real, everyone!  Say a prayer for those families that have lost loved ones because of the storm, and say continued prayers for those that are still in harms way, that Jesus will lift them up and carry them all to safety.  God Bless You all!  Now, a few pictures to hopefully distract you from the turmoil, even if it’s only for a few minutes!  Enjoy!

Magic Kingdom, Cinderella Castle, Bay Lake Tower

A Shot of Cinderella Castle from the 11th Floor of Bay Lake Tower

Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland, Mad Hatter's Teacups

The exhilaration and pure joy on Sophie’s face makes this for me!

Magic Kingdom, The Crystal Palace, Eeyore

The love Sophie has for her friend Eeyore!

Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Donald Duck

Sophie meeting Donald Duck in 2007!

Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Donald Duck

She was so excited to meet him, she was all jumpy!

Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Donald Duck

Donald Duck got into the act — they were better then Dancing with the Stars!

Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Donald Duck

Sophie shared one of her world-famous hugs with him at the end!