Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia: Horace Horsecollar!

Magic Kingdom, Town Square, Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar

Clarabelle Cow, Sophie, and Horace Horsecollar in Town Square!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia! We have all enjoyed bringing you these little snippets of Disney Trivia, and we are glad that some of you are taking advantage and adding your own trivia for us to read as well! Keep it coming, you can never have enough Disney information, can you?!

Did You Know: That Horace Horsecoller was first seen in 1929 in the Disney short called The Plowboy alongside Mickey Mouse? Horace was actually quite a regular in the early years of Disney (also known as the Classic Era) — but you don’t see him around much anymore.  I was able to find The Plowboy on YouTube, so here it is for your enjoyment!  Spoiler alert: Mickey isn’t as nice at times in this short as he is now!  Watch what Minnie Mouse does to him at one point in the video!  Lastly, the cow you see there — that is the cow that would later become Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar’s girlfriend!

Thank you for stopping by tonight for Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia! Check out the rest of the entries for this week, and have fun getting your Disney Trivia Fix!

The influence of Walt Disney!

Disney, Beauty, Beast, Russian, My Dreams of Disney

Special thanks to my friend Bonnie for sharing this with me!

The influence of Walt Disney has been seen all across the world, as you all know.  Disneyland opened in 1955.  The Magic Kingdom followed in 1971.  There are Disney theme parks in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and soon even Shanghai!  Then there is all of the Disney Cruise Line ports of call, including even Galveston, Texas, where my friend Brenda is enjoying a cruise right now!

All of us that are Disney fans know that the influence of Walt has been phenomenal, and the Disney name is one that is known across the globe.  In fact, Mickey Mouse has even been seen in space!

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when my friend Bonnie at work showed me a book she found when she was studying abroad.  I looked at it, and I was instantly fascinated!  It was Beauty and the Beast as we all know and love — but the typeface was in Cyrillic, the official language of Russia!

I immediately stopped what I was doing and asked if I could look at it.  The artwork is incredible; it may be that there is even more artwork in the Russian version of the book then there is in the American version!

At this point in my life, I shouldn’t really be surprised at the worldwide influence that Walt Disney has had on all of us.  Greatness such as his only comes once in a lifetime I think, and once it is exposed for part of us to experience, it is only natural that it be shared across the globe.

My friend Bonnie also purchased the Russian version of The Jungle Book, and she is going to let me take a look at it also!  As she explained it, in Russia, when you see something you realize is special, you have to get it right then because the market in Russia is so vastly different from that in the United States.  There won’t be 20 or 30 copies of something when you are looking to purchase — the one you see is likely the only one they have, so jump at the chance!  As for this book, the price tag indicated it was either 9500 Rubles, or maybe it is 95.00 Rubles, so either about $300 or $3.  I’ll get clarification from Bonnie tomorrow!  Still, at either price, a piece of Disney that you don’t see very often!

I hope you have enjoyed this journey into the exploration of how broad an influence Walt Disney has had on all of the world!  Thanks for stopping by!