Friendship Friday: Meet my Sister-in-Christ Brenda!

Epcot World Showcase, Norway, Troll

My Sister-in-Christ Brenda and I when we met for the 1st time during the 40th Anniversary Celebration!

Those of you that are regular readers of My Dreams of Disney will have met my dear friend Brenda before; some of you may even know her yourselves!  Brenda is one of the incredible travel agents that Pixie Vacations employs, but more then that, Brenda is my true Sister-in-Christ, and I consider myself a Blessed man because I was able to meet her, both online and in person.

Brenda is one of those people that, when you meet, you instantly have a connection with them, you feel like you have known her all your life.  Brenda and I met because we are both writers for the blog Chip & Company, and also because we both are huge Disney fans (duh!) — but it goes deeper then that.  In essence, Brenda is one of those people outside of your immediate family that you can tell anything to, and you know that not only will she have a wealth of advice for you, but she will also just listen, not judge you regardless of the circumstance, and gently correct you if you are wrong — just like Jesus would have us do.

One particular thing that stands out most about Brenda is how much love and care she has for her fellow human beings.  I’ll never forget the day that Brenda called me; she told me that she was really worried about our good buddy Ken, who had been sick.  Brenda had sent him a card to cheer him up, and she hadn’t heard from him.  It turns out that Brenda was right to be worried, and we learned that we had lost our brother a little while before, but just didn’t know it.

It is that love and compassion that Brenda has for all of us that are fortunate to cross her path that make her my inaugural choice for Friendship Friday!  I would like to send a very nice thank you to my good friend Heidi for coming up with this idea!  If you would like to see who she has written about today, why not check out her post by clicking on the button below!  Thank you for stopping by, and Brenda, thank you for everything that you have given to me in the short time that we’ve known one another!  I love you Sister!

If you are planning a Disney trip and would like some expert help, why not give Brenda a call or shoot her an email?  Here is her contact information:

Pixie Brenda
Pixie Vacations Authorized Disney Travel Specialist