My new favorite Disney souvenir — Disney Dollars!

When it comes to a new, inexpensive souvenir, look no further then the wonderful Disney Dollar!  I had heard about these before, but I thought I also had heard that you couldn’t get them anymore, well, was I ever wrong about that!  This past June my wife Cindy said, “Let’s get some Disney Dollars for our gang and give them to them as a cool souvenir!”  So we did just that!  Of course, the Disney Fanatic in me couldn’t resist purchasing extras for us to enjoy as well.

Disney Dollars have no extra cost, so basically, if you want a $5 Disney Dollar, it will cost you $5.  You can get your Disney Dollars in $1, $5, and $10 denominations.  As you can see, the front of the $5 denomination features Daisy and Minnie Mouse!  Here is what the back of the $5 denomination looks like:

The other denomination that we have is the $1 Disney Dollar.  As you can from this image, the front of the Disney Dollar is Mickey and Pluto:

The back of the $1 Disney Dollar is the same as the $5, except the denomination number is different, of course:

Disney Dollars were first released in 1987, so this is the 25th year that they have been around.  I learned from an incredibly knowledgable website,, that you used to be able to buy and use Disney Dollars at the Disney Store.  This is no longer the case.  Additionally, there are two versions of the Disney Dollars, the A Series for Disneyland, and the D Series for Disney World.  Lastly, you even see special issues of Disney Dollars.  They did one in 2011 for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie when it came out.  These are usually smaller circulation runs, so if you are into collecting these, you’ve got to move quickly or look on eBay!

Do you collect or purchase the Disney Dollars?  Do you spend them, or do you keep them as a souvenir?  Let me know in the comments!  Thanks!

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