The entrance to Dumbo!

I have a good friend named Denny, who lives in Florida and loves to go to Walt Disney World.  He told a bunch of us that he was going to the Magic Kingdom one Saturday, and he agreed to take pictures of the new areas of Fantasyland for me and send them to me for a post.  This is as much a photoblog post as it is anything else, so I present to you “Denny’s Photos!”

In addition to the Dumbo pictures that he shared with us, Denny also sent me these great photos of the “new” coaster The Great Goofini!

Goofy is the Great Goofini!
Who wants to do a little Bear Wrasslin’?
Oh Goofy!
The Coaster!

Denny also has these two shots from inside of Storybook Circus.  Enjoy!

Dumbo flying high above!
The Human Cannonball is actually a slide, it looks like to me!

Next we have several photos from the new Casey Jr. section of Fantasyland.  This area is a great cool down area, there are some water toys to get wet with.

Casey Jr. Circus Train
The Elephant Car
The Giraffes
Look at the Monkey!
The Clowns! Why are they all Monkeys?

The last thing we want to share with you is the new Fantasyland Train Station area.  Enjoy!

The Fantasyland Station
The Walt Disney World Railroad!
The big barn by the train station!
Don’t forget that trunk, it’s the property of the Hyacinth Hippo!
Some of the barrels over by the Train Station.
The Water Tower.  This actually gets used (or some variation of it) to fill the steam locomotives with water for their trips!

I would like to take a moment to express my deepest thanks to my good friend Denny for taking the time to send me all of these wonderful photos!  The beauty of Disney is that there are so many friends just waiting to be discovered, and they are friends because we all have the same love of Walt Disney and his creative playgrounds!  Thanks Denny for contributing to this post!



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  1. Wow, Mike – your friend got some GREAT pictures – they are so bright and colorful – and make me extra anxious to see this for ourselves in a month! Yay!

  2. I cannot wait to get there and see this in person!!! Thank you so much to your friend Denny for sharing! By the way, a 15 minute wait for Dumbo is news in itself! :-)

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