This week’s theme, Hidden Mickeys, has been incredibly popular!  I’ve received emails from a ton of people around the Internet, some with blogs, some without, and each of them has been full of great Hidden Mickeys, so I hope you enjoy looking at all of these!  After you read the post, I invite you to check out my friend Jonathan’s site Mouse and Memos!  In this site, he has a repository of Hidden Mickeys, and you can add to the database with Hidden Mickeys you find at the parks, so go ahead and add them in!

First up is My Dreams of Disney reader Amanda, who wanted to share some Hidden Mickeys that she found!  Here is what she had to say:

Here are my 2 of my favorite hidden Mickeys!

The first isn’t so hidden, but is my favorite. My friend had included a bunch of Mickey confetti in a wedding card she sent me and apparently a piece had made its way to the floor. I was sitting on my bed and my dog, Barkley, came over and he had the Mickey stuck to his nose! It was too cute!

The second picture is a true hidden Mickey, taken at my sister’s condo in Panama City, Florida. I spotted the Mickey shaped rings on the table our first day there and had to get a pic!

My friend Shannan from Addicted to Mickey and Mouze Kateerz, had this Hidden Mickey to share.  Here is what she had to say:

This is a hidden Mickey we found in the shark tanks over with seas of Nemo. It’s special because it was our first real HM and the kids found it first.

Next up if my friends Roger and Brenda from Back to Disney and Mouze Kateerz.  Here is what Roger had to say in his email:


Here’s a Hidden Mickey exposed in the line for Toy Story Midway Mania.
Here’s the area: Andy’s drawing of Nemo.

And here’s the Hidden Mickey revealed!

It’s just under Nemo’s tail.
This is all located just before you start up the ramp to board TSMM.
This is Brenda and my favorite Hidden Mickey, because it’s the first we ever found!
Though we did know where to look for it, thanks to one of our many Disney books.

Brenda & Roger

My friend Frances, who runs Disney Vacations by Distinctive Journeys, and who is running a contest right now (you can enter here) wanted to share this photo of a special Hidden Mickey:

I would like you to meet my friend Trevor’s fish Mortimer. Please notice his tail:-) 

Magical Journeys,

Frances Hedrick ~ Travel Specialist
Distinctive Journeys A Virtuoso Company (

Concierge Planning-We Make Travel Dreams Come True

We Appreciate Referrals!

Editor’s Note:  Talk about a small world.  Take a look at two of the Hidden Mickeys that we have at our house!



Next up is Denny, one of the creative photographers from Mouze Kateerz!  He’s got a classic Hidden Mickey from a couple of decades ago!  Here’s what he had to say:

Here, in all her glory, is Minnie Moo! This was taken in 1991. I don’t remember what that area was called at the time, but it looks sort of circus themed. I doubt if they could keep a cow in an enclosure like that now. Grins!

Next we’re going to hear from Angelique, one of the My Dreams of Disney readers!  Here is what she had to say and share:

Hello, my name is Angelique and this Hidden Mickey was found while my family and I were waiting for Animal Kingdom to open its gates one morning in 2009. I thought it was really neat how they configure these kinds of things into simple building structures. I don’t have a blog, I’m busy enough already, but I enjoy reading everyones shared info there on Facebook :) It’s almost become easier than calling and asking a Disney operator!

Regards, Angelique

Next in our line is my friend Heidi from the blog Heidi’s Head!  Heidi is one of my fellow writers from both the Magical Blogorail and The Disney Moms, and she has a terrific site that you should take a look at when you get a chance.  Here is what she had to say:

On our last trip to Walt Disney World, my daughter Gracie (11 at the time) was prepared to look for Hidden Mickeys.  She was armed with the Hidden Mickeys book by Steve Barrett. At almost every area of every park, she told us where we needed to slow down and really look!  We found a TON of Hidden Mickeys that I would definitely have never noticed if not for the book and Gracie’s well-trained eye!  I’ll just share a few pictures – one from each park – so I don’t take up Mike’s whole blog!
This first picture is one of my favorite Hidden Mickeys – found on the last scene of the Carousel of Progress. 
I love this picture of Gracie lounging in front of a mural in the Morocco pavilion.  If you look closely, you should be able to spot TWO Hidden Mickeys on the mural.  If you can’t find them and need a hint, you can e-mail me for close-up pictures!

Heidi, is one of the Hidden Mickey’s on Gracie’s Shirt?
I don’t know why, but we didn’t seem to be as “in tune” to the Hidden Mickeys at Hollywood Studios.  We did spot this one – quite obviously – on the Backlot Tour.

You could literally spend HOURS searching for all the Hidden Mickeys at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  The murals – both outside and inside – are LOADED with them.  It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. 
As you can see by my pictures, there are a variety of Hidden Mickeys hidden throughout the Walt Disney World complex.  Many are the traditional 3-circle Mickey heads, while others are his profile, a front-on facial, or a “real”/full Mickey (just hidden somewhere obscure).

Next up is my friend Natalie, the creator of Meet the Magic, one of the writers for the Magical Blogorail, the creator of The Disney Moms, and even one of the hosts for Sorcerer Radio!  Here is what she had to say in her post “Hidden Mickey – EPCOT Grates”

Here at Meet the Magic, we love finding hidden Mickeys. I love seeing them from others in hopes that I will find them on my next vacation to Disney. Maybe it is a personal good excuse for revisiting an attraction, restaurant or resort! I also appreciate seeing unofficial hidden Mickeys at home!

This photo was taken in EPCOT in the World Showcase, specifically in the France Pavilion. I had never noticed these adorable hidden Mickeys before and they are virtually everywhere!

Please email your hidden Mickey photos to natalie(at) Please RSS feed Meet the Magic so you do not miss out on the future hidden Mickeys!

Hiromi is up next.  She is one of the writers for Tips from the Disney Diva, and also is a writer for Mouze Kateerz!  Here is what she wanted to share with us:

In Walt Disney World and Disneyland, everything is so meticulously detailed!! Going to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, your little girl will not only experience a total princess makeover, (please read my article on our experience) but it’s also the little details that you catch, which makes it even more magical. My daughter got the “Diva” makeover with the hair extensions. While she was signing the guess book, I noticed HIDDEN MICKEY’s in her extensions!! How cool! If you look closely at the photo, the Mickey’s are blue! Her Fairy Godmother-in-training also put in crystal like hair clips, with, you guessed it, has a Hidden Mickey at the end. This beautiful and subtle “bling” will adorn any Mickey fan’s hair, which is why I “borrow” the clips sometimes when I’m missing Disney World. For the other styles offered by the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, there are Hidden Mickey details in each accessory they use. I LOVE finding Hidden Mickey’s in places I never expected!

We are getting near the end of our list, but we still have some heavy Hidden Mickeys to show you!  Next up is my friend Jonathan from Mouse and Memos!  Here is what he had to say:

I love Hidden Mickeys. One of the reasons I built my site was to catalog the ones I’ve found. With that said, this Hidden Mickey might not be the worlds most creative but it has offered the most opportunities to talk with other Hidden Mickey hunters. This one is located in the garden at the front of the France Pavilion in World Showcase. At least once on every trip I make to WDW (if not visit to Epcot) I have ran into someone looking for this Hidden Mickey. You can usually spot them as the people standing on their tip-toes, scanning over the garden – not something someone just strolling through Epcot does. Casually I say, “if you get stuck, let me know.” I wait a minute or two admiring other aspects of the pavilion and more often than not, they come and ask for help. After showing them, some just say thanks and take off. Others stay and chat and talk about the Mickeys they’ve found today, ones they’re having problems, etc. It’s been a great way for me to talk and interact with others looking for Hidden Mickeys!

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget that you can add your own Hidden Mickeys over at Mouse and Memos!  Just click the link to head to his site to get started!

My Dreams of Disney readers Randy and Stacy are next on our list.  They have a picture that I’ve never seen before, it’s from Disneyland!  Here is what they had to say:

This was taken on our first ever trip to Disneyland this spring. The streetlights on Disneyland Drive all have Mickey finials! Would love to find someone who manufactures these so our light at home could have that Mickey magic on a daily basis!!!

My friend Didi Marie, the creator of the site DISTherapy, is next on our list.  She painted quite the picture of Hidden Mickeys for me, but I’m going to let her tell the story!

One of the joyful bonuses during the SheCon 2012 Expo was the “Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt”. For years and years my boys and I scoured the parks in Walt Disney World, not allowing ourselves to move to our next attraction or destination before locating an image of our favorite mouse. Alas, as they became young men, there were fewer and fewer spottings, and I thought we had permanently closed a Disney chapter. However, when I dangled the prospect of a contest PRIZE before them, they became little boys once again, and raced around Disney Hollywood Studios (not an easy task during Star Wars Weekend) with a childlike passion. Below are the Hidden Mickeys that we tweeted during the hunt: 

1. Classic Mickey in the clouds on the mural outside The Hollywood Brown Derby; look far left, above the “Stage 5” sign.

2. Another Classic Mickey in the clouds outside The Hollywood Brown Derby; upper right.

3. In the Pizza Planet Arcade, look above the arcade games. In the moon near the top of the mural, there is a 3/4 Mickey profile.

4. On Streets of America, find “Sal’s Pawn Shop”; a Mickey Mouse watch hangs in the window.

We won one of the smaller pirzes; a $15 Visa Card and better yet, a signed copy of Steve’s Barrett’s 5th EditionHidden Mickeys Field Guide book!

Fast forward one month to our extended family Disneyland trip. Guess what my nephews are hooked on??

Once again, my two “men” raced around with their Hidden Mickey Field Guide ~ Disneyland Edition. Conclusion? Hidden Mickeys= The Fountain of Youth!!

Our last entry today is from Terri from WDW Hints!  She collaborated with Mouse and Memos and I on our Haunted Mansion series this week, and it’s been a lot of fun working with her.  In addition, she is one of the writers for Chip & Company!  Here is what she had to say:

My kids and I went on a Hidden Mickey hunt this past April while my
husband was attending a Technology Conference at the Yacht Club. Here
are a few Hidden Mickey’s that we found:

There is a Hidden Mickey on the Globe found in the lobby of the Yacht
Club. Look closely for the “sea monster” and you’ll see the Hidden
Mickey nearby.

There are two framed pictures in the hallway that leads to the
Solarium at the Beach Club Resort. The first picture is a Beach Scene
– the hidden Mickey in the sky is obvious, but there’s another Mickey
on the beach towel. In the other framed picture there are Hidden
Mickey’s on the spare tires of the yellow and blue cars. There are
also Hidden Mickey’s posing as hood ornaments on the red & blue cars.

Thanks Mike!!
~Terri from WDW Hints

Thanks for stopping by everyone and enjoying all of the terrific Hidden Mickey pictures!  This was a great post for me, thanks for reading! registered & protected



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