Single Rider Line on Expedition Everest!

When it comes to Expedition Everest, you’ve got several options available.  You can do the standby line with a group, which takes a while depending on the time of day you want to ride it.  Or you can get a Fast Pass ticket and return later.  If you have children, you can do the rider swap and get an instant Fast Pass to get on the coaster.  Or, if you are by yourself or don’t mind doing this, you can take advantage of the single rider line and get paired up with a solo rider.

I did this, along with my friend Monica, during our last trip, and it was a very quick way to get a ride on a great roller coaster!  It was Monica’s first time riding the roller coaster, but she was a good sport, and after her prayer for safety, she was good to go!

Of course, since we were in the single rider line, we didn’t ride together.  I was selected first, and Monica next, so I was there to see her picture after she got done.  It was so cool riding Everest again.  Single rider line is the way to go — we got on and off in 15 minutes for a 60 minute standby line! registered & protected