Big Thunder Mountain Railroad — A Trip to the Old West!

Before my last vacation, my favorite roller coaster bar none at the Magic Kingdom was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  The main reason for this statement was because I hadn’t ridden Space Mountain in so long, and the twists and turns of the coaster — especially at night — really makes for a wild ride all the way to the old west!

Then I rode Space Mountain — and suddenly, the world of the Magic Kingdom roller coasters wasn’t nearly as cut and dry as it was prior to June 8th, 2012…

As much as I loved my two rides on Space Mountain, I’ve got to tell you that my two rides on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad were as good a series of rides as I’ve ever had.  Both of them were at night, and to me, there isn’t anything that compares to BTMRR at night.  On one, it was the same night that Stephanie and Shane became an engaged couple, so the ride could have been at a measly five miles an hour and it still would have been great.  But it wasn’t, of course.  The night air was great, and of course, watching for the dancing ladies above the saloon is always fun.

Then, later on in our vacation, we were able to ride it again, and during this ride, it was right when the fireworks were about to start, so I pulled out my iPhone and took some pictures of the fireworks while we were riding.  Most of them were not any good, but I did get a couple.


In the end, the roller coasters at the Magic Kingdom are as different as night and day, and if I had to choose one that I like best, I’m not sure that I could.  So, I’m ranking them as 1A and 1B, and I’m not telling which one fits where.

Which is your favorite roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom?  Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?  Tell me in the comments please! registered & protected

Wordless Wednesday – July Calendar Photo!

Hello everyone and Happy Independence Day!  Special thanks goes out to all of our wonderful troops all across the world that are preserving our freedoms so that those of us at home can enjoy the life we lead.  All of your sacrifice is not in vain in our household, and I thank you for all that you do for our country.

Today’s Wordless Wednesday theme is July calendar photo, and since today is the 4th of July, it made perfect sense to me that I would choose this photo as my calendar photo.  Special thanks goes out to Deb from Focused on the Magic for hosting this weekly series.  To read the rest of the entries, just click on the button below!  Thanks!

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