Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage, and Finding Nemo: The Musical, are incredible shows that really do a wonderful job of bringing the Guest right into the middle of the story.  With Festival of the Lion King, though, the show is a phenomenal experience into the acrobatic talents and singing ability of the Crew Members, and is a show that is not to be missed!

I’ve never been to Cirque de Soleil at Downtown Disney, so I don’t really have a comparison basis, but my feeling about Festival of the Lion King is that it may be the closest thing to a Cirque performance without being there in person!  The acrobatic skills of the Crew Members is incredible, as these photos show, and this is one of the top three shows at Walt Disney World!  Which order they are in from first to third is highly debatable, but they really are the top three in my opinion.

So tell me, which is your favorite show?  Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo: The Musical, or Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage?  Tell me in the comments, or on our Facebook page!  Thanks! registered & protected



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  1. We love Festival of the Lion King too. We didn't see it on our last trip, we saw Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo, both for the first time. We really liked Finding Nemo and it is a very close second but the acrobats in Lion King were amazing and did remind me of the performers in a Cirque de Soleil show.

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