While my favorite fireworks show is Illuminations: Reflections of Earth over at Epcot’s World Showcase, the reason for that primarily lies with the music at the end of the show.  However, for that pure awesome affect, nothing can hold a candle to the awesome fireworks shows that you will see when you watch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom!

I love taking pictures of the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, so much so that I’ve decided that I’m going to bring a tripod for the first time to take better nighttime fireworks shots.  At this point, the only thing left to say is that if you haven’t seen Wishes, then please, please make sure you do the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom.  If loud sounds are an issue for you or your loved ones, do yourself a favor and stop by Guest Services for a free pair of disposable ear plugs.  Or, if you prefer, invest a few dollars at Target and buy a pair of earplugs that you can use over and over again.  Lastly, here are some photos I’d like to share with you.  However, one of the photos is not exactly what it would seem to be!  Can you pick out which photo is NOT from Wishes, and tell me which fireworks show it is from instead?  Just leave your answer as a comment or on the Facebook page!

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