My Dreams of Disney
This is a short stand-by line day — only 50 minutes!

Perhaps the most popular ride in all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Midway Mania!  My primary reason for saying this is because the FastPass tickets are gone really quickly for this attraction, and the Stand-by line is incredibly long most of the time.  For a lot of people, this means that it’s the most popular.  I’m not certain that this is the case entirely, but I will say that this ride, more then almost any at Walt Disney World, does have the slowest load-in of any ride I know of.

Despite all of that, Toy Story Mania is one of my favorite rides.  The Imagineers got this one right when they commissioned it!  For those that haven’t experienced it, Toy Story Mania takes you on a 3D journey where you will get to interact with the screens you see in order to see who has the best skill at the arcade games!

My Dreams of Disney
See the cannons on the ride cars — those are how you get points in the game!

While the queue is slow moving, there are a few things you can enjoy while you wait — such as a picture with Mr. Potatohead!  Say cheese, Sophie! :)

My Dreams of Disney
He talks!

While I sometimes don’t want to wait for the ride, it’s a good ride to enjoy.  This is certainly one of the 30 things to do at Disney World!  What do you think? registered & protected



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