My Dreams of Disney
Looking down at part of the treehouse operations.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is one of those simple attractions that, while it might not seem like much at first glance, actually has quite a bit going for it. Of course, it is unfortunate that this attraction is not handicap accessible, because it offers up some of the best views of the Magic Kingdom!

See what I mean?  I was able to take this shot of Space Mountain from near the top of the attraction, although I might want to hurry up, because it looks like rain might be in the forecast…

My Dreams of Disney
Space Mountain, as seen from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

To me, what really makes this a fun attraction is the ability to just stroll through all that the Imagineers have created for us.  The ride is seldom really all that busy, so you can just take your time and use your mind’s eye to imagine what life would be like for you if you had to live out life like the Robinson family did…

My Dreams of Disney
Some of the rooms the family slept in.

My Dreams of Disney
The desk where they did some work.

For my daughter and I, this is a can’t miss attraction.  The last two times we went, we weren’t able to experience the attraction for various reasons, so this time, it’s on my list, at least, and is one of the 30 things that I’ve got to do at Walt Disney World!

What about you?  Do you walk through the attraction? registered & protected



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