30 Things To Do At Disney World: Space Mountain

My Dreams of Disney

When it comes to Space Mountain, this dark ride coaster is a bit of a quandary for me.  I have some good photos of the structure itself, but very few pictures from inside the queue.  Most of this is because Cindy and I haven’t ridden the attraction in quite a long time — dating back at least five years!

Sophie is not a fan of this roller coaster, and likely won’t ride it again when we take our trip in a couple of weeks.  That’s okay, though, because this time, Cindy and I have decided that we are going to ride it, even if Sophie doesn’t want to!  We will let her hang with her cousin, or our friends, or someone, while we enjoy Cindy’s favorite roller coaster!

It has been too long since we enjoyed this coaster, since the time I tried to gauge which way it was going to turn and ended up with a splitting headache — good times! :)  Time to enjoy them once again!

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