30 Things To Do At Disney World: Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

My Dreams of Disney
Looking down at part of the treehouse operations.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is one of those simple attractions that, while it might not seem like much at first glance, actually has quite a bit going for it. Of course, it is unfortunate that this attraction is not handicap accessible, because it offers up some of the best views of the Magic Kingdom!

See what I mean?  I was able to take this shot of Space Mountain from near the top of the attraction, although I might want to hurry up, because it looks like rain might be in the forecast…

My Dreams of Disney
Space Mountain, as seen from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

To me, what really makes this a fun attraction is the ability to just stroll through all that the Imagineers have created for us.  The ride is seldom really all that busy, so you can just take your time and use your mind’s eye to imagine what life would be like for you if you had to live out life like the Robinson family did…

My Dreams of Disney
Some of the rooms the family slept in.

My Dreams of Disney
The desk where they did some work.

For my daughter and I, this is a can’t miss attraction.  The last two times we went, we weren’t able to experience the attraction for various reasons, so this time, it’s on my list, at least, and is one of the 30 things that I’ve got to do at Walt Disney World!

What about you?  Do you walk through the attraction?

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Magical Blogorail Red: Three Hours Alone in the Parks!

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When I heard that this month’s loop was three hours alone in the parks, I instantly started thinking about all of the things that I would do.  In a lot of ways, it’s kind of ironic that Bruce came up with this, because in three short weeks we will be taking our next  Walt Disney World vacation, and rather then have just a few of us, this trip will encompass twelve people, four of which are children (in the literal sense, not in the “kid at heart” sense) — and three of them have never been to Disney World before!!!
If I were to be given a three hour block of time all to myself, the first thing I would inquire about was what time of the day this block was for.  Timing is crucial to me, if it’s during the heat of a summer day, for example, the things I do during this time would be significantly different then if it was the three extra hours you get during Extra Magic Hours.  For the purposes of my daydream, my block of time will encompass just that — extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom!
One of the things that I am really interested in doing during our next vacation is improving my photographs of some of the incredible night-time scenes that can be found at Walt Disney World.  As a result, I’m planning on bringing my tripod, which is something I have never done before on a Disney vacation, and I want to see about getting some incredible photographs of Main Street, U.S.A. under the lights, Cinderella Castle during Wishes, the new Fantasyland areas, especially the newly opened Dumbo attraction, and other shots.  The last time I experienced late extra magic hours was in 2010, when we were blessed with the Mickey and Minnie sighting on Dumbo.  That was a truly magical experience, as you can see, and one that I would love to see again.  Here is a picture that I took to commemorate that event.

My Dreams of Disney
Mickey and Minnie on Dumbo!
Of course, not all of my three hours will be spent taking pictures!  I’m a photography nut, but I’m not nuts (although perhaps you should ask my wife for verification!)  There are a ton of my favorite attractions to experience during this time.  Some of my favorites that I’ve just got to do at night — because they are incredible night rides — include Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, it’s a small world, and Peter Pan’s Flight.
After riding all those rides, the one thing left to do in my three hour tour, so to speak, is to visit the popcorn vender, pick up a wonderful popcorn, a refreshing Diet Coke, and relax on a park bench, taking in all of the sights and sounds of the happy guests walking down Main Street, U.S.A.

My Dreams of Disney
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