30 Things To Do At Disney World: Splash Mountain

Welcome to the beginning of a new countdown for us!  In 30 days, we will be on the cusp of our next great vacation, when we travel to Walt Disney World with several of our really great friends!  This series is 30 Things to do at Disney World, and each day, I’m going to focus on one specific thing that we want to enjoy when we are there!

Today’s look is at Splash Mountain, a ride that my daughter has ridden but one time, but that one time was enough to turn this into one of her favorite rides at Disney World!  She likes it so much, in fact, that she has even written about it — if you haven’t read her review, I urge you to check it out.

Splash Mountain is a fun ride, and a really long ride at that.  According to Wikipedia, the ride is 9:18 long!  The ride incorporates fun, lively scenes with some dark scenes, and of course, the 52 foot drop at the end!

How many times do you like to ride Splash Mountain when you visit?  I’ve promised Sophie at least two trips on the ride, but who knows, maybe we’ll ride more often!

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