Wordless Wednesday – Disney Animation

My Dreams of Disney

Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday!  Special thanks to my friend Deb from Focused on the Magic for hosting this excellent hop each and every Wednesday!  It is a lot of fun, and something that I look forward to!

For this week’s entry, I decided to take a literal stand on the theme, Disney Animation!  I have several shots that (if my 44 year old brain hasn’t forgotten) were taken inside “The Magic of Disney Animation” location.  I hope you enjoy them!

My Dreams of Disney
Timon looks good in a dress!  Sophie did this!
My Dreams of Disney
Mr. Frederickson from Up!

My Dreams of Disney
Russell from Up!

My Dreams of Disney
Dug from Up!

My Dreams of Disney
Kevin from Up!

The shots from Up were shots I took of special prints they had, I think they were used in the production of the movie, but I can’t remember exactly.  It’s been a while since we were in the Disney Animation facility, so I think we need to look at it again when we go next month!  To see the rest of the incredible entries for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, please click on the image below!  Thanks for stopping by!

Focused on the Magic

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Relaxing things to do in Walt Disney World Parks

Some time ago, during one of my contests, I asked people what things they wanted to see me focus on at My Dreams of Disney.  One of the comments from that question was that they wanted to see more information on places that toddlers and preschoolers could enjoy, other then rides.  Fortunately, there are several things that you can enjoy at Walt Disney World that are off the beaten path, so to speak, so I’m going to look into some of these hidden treasures that you can find at each of the parks!

Magic Kingdom

  • Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
    • OK, so this might have been a stretch, particularly when you factor in that there are hundreds of steps (116 to be exact, although I’ve never counted them!) — so for a toddler or preschooler, this might be a fools wish.  But what I do know is that my daughter and I LOVE to climb the treehouse, and if you can do it, some of the best views of the Magic Kingdom can be had from the top.  So don’t discount this attraction too quickly, you might be in for a hidden gem if you give it a try!
  • Tom Sawyer Island
    • Tom Sawyer Island is accessible by boat, but when you go to the island, it’s a hidden paradise right in the middle of the Rivers of America.  Filled with all sorts of things for the kids to enjoy, there is almost no end to the fun that your little ones will have there!  Explore the caves, play at the fort, jump on the barrel bridge, and more!  Most of all, it will give us parents a chance to just relax for a while also!


  • German Train Layout
    • For a little fun, check out the train layout located at the Germany Pavilion.  This garden-scale layout is equipped with several trains, a small village, and best of all, the Cast Members deck out the village with various scenes depending on the time of year that you visit!  Last October, when we were there, they had several of the kiosks setup for the Food and Wine Festival.  I love trains, so I always find time to enjoy them a bit when we are visiting.
  • The UK Mazes
    • Located in the back of the United Kingdom Pavilion, you will find a garden maze setup.  This fun little maze is a perfect way to let your kids roam for a bit while you are able to just relax at the entrance.  It is secluded, there is hardly any traffic to it, and it’s a fun little adventure that they will love!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Honey, I shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure
    • In this children’s area, kids are free to roam around and climb, slide, get wet, and frolic while you take a break and relax!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • The Boneyard
    • This dinosaur dig site was one of my daughter’s favorites, and we have made many trips there over the years.  Basically, you are looking for the fossils that the boneyard has to offer up.  Can you find them?
  • Affection Section
    • The Affection Section is located at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, and is a good ol’ fashioned petting zoo.  This is one location that you will like from the perspective of getting some additional information on the different animals at Animal Kingdom!

Does your child have some favorite things that they like to do that don’t involve attractions?  If so, please share them in the comments!

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