Disney in Pictures – Favorite Disney Attraction!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this weeks edition of Disney in Pictures!  This is a really special edition, I think, and I really hope that you enjoy this as much as I do when I create it!  These posts wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without all of the incredible photos that all of you send to me, so once again, thank you for reading, and thank you for sending me your favorite photos to share with everyone!

This week’s theme is Favorite Disney Attraction!  For this week, I left it entirely up to you.  As I wrote on Tuesday, I’m using the term “attraction” extremely loosely.  What I wanted to see from you, and what I have received, is your absolutely favorite aspect about Disney, whether it be a ride, a show, a parade, a fireworks show, or almost anything at all.  So let’s get right into it!

First up is Frances, who is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, and also a travel agent with Distinctive Journeys!  Frances wanted to share her photo with us, here is what she had to say:

I took my niece Meghan and my daughter Julia to the parks for a girls weekend. Each of us had one favorite that was a must do on our list that everyone had to ride. My niece told me her favorite ride was Dinosaur. I cringed. It’s my least favorite ride. I’m scared of things that jump out of dark places and that’s about all that ride is. Hesitatingly, I agree to ride it. I had my eyes closed the whole time with my daughter covering her face right beside me. When it was over, I was relived that I didn’t have to ride it again. We decided to look at our picture. Please notice in the back of the ride that I’m the red head in pink next to my daughter with eyes closed tight. In the blue is my niece, Meghan, riding her favorite ride with her face completely covered. We all laughed and I knew that picture was a keeper.

Next up, I want to share with you Simone’s photo of her son.  In Simone’s mind, and in mine as well, often the one thing that we find to be our favorite part of Disney has nothing to do with an attraction, a show, or a ride.  Here is what Simone had to say:

This was our son’s 1st trip (and only as of now, lol) We were waiting for a show to start & everyone was stopping and ooohhhing & awwwing over our baby with the “My first ears hat”. This is my FAVORITE picture of all times. It brings back so many sweet memories, especially since he just turned 5 yrs old! I will take him back one day & I can NOT WAIT to see the look on his face when he gets to experience the “magic” of Disney!

My friend Linds is a travel agent, and one of the writers for Chip & Company.  In this email, she shared with me what her kid’s favorite attraction is:

My kids favorite attraction is the something I compare to is now known as the “Great Goofini”, but at Toontown in Disneyland park and called “Gadget’s Go-Coaster“. The ride height minimum is 35”, so even the youngest of my kids can do this one with us. It’s so nice to get to the stage when we can all go on a bigger ride together and no one has to wait on the side with the little ones. I can’t even count how many times they want to do this ride on each trip!


Next up is my friend Dulcie.  She is a Pixie Vacations travel agent, and also a writer for Chip & Company.  In her email, she had this to say about her favorite attraction — and I can’t argue with any of it either, as it is one of my favorites also:

My favorite attraction is the Carousel of Progress…
I remember sitting in the theater with my graduating class during Grad Nite with all of my friends singing along to Best Time of Your Life. It seemed so fitting for all we had been through and knowing graduation was just a few short weeks
away. This has always been my favorite attraction and it’s a must do a few times on our visits to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Next up is my friend Brenda!  She, like Dulcie, is a Pixie Vacations travel agent, and also a writer for Chip & Company.  Brenda’s favorite attraction is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!  Here is what she had to say:

Name: Brenda Kenworthy (Pixie Brenda)
Why this picture is special to you: The Tower of Terror is my all-time favorite ride. You can read all about the ride here.
Blog: www.ideallydisney.com
With Pixie Wishes!

Brenda Kenworthy
Disney Travel Specialist
Pixie Vacations
Phone: 281-935-7518
Email: Brenda@pixievacations.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepixiebrenda
Website: www.ideallydisney.com

Next up is Jennifer, who had two photos to share.  One is probably one of the coolest shots I’ve ever seen from the top of a roller coaster.  Here is what Jennifer had to say:

Name: Jennifer
Took the picture : Top of Expedition Everest
Why its special: My kids favorite ride at Disney – we love sitting in the front row and looking out at the rest of the Kingdom!

Jennifer submitted a second photo, here is what she had to say:

Jedi Training Academy at DHS
My son loves Star Wars and has always been too shy to try this. Finally, he was brave enough and loved it!

My friend Teresa is one of the writers for Mouze Kateerz, and her favorite attraction is The Haunted Mansion.  Here is what she had to say about it:

My favorite attraction is the Haunted Mansion… especially at the MNSSHP as you can see by this photo taken with me, my daughter Tracy (as “Hit Girl”) and my husband’s daughter (I hate using the word step) Aimee’ (as the Good Fairy). It’s hard to believe that this attraction can be any better than it already is but at Halloween time it’s off the charts!!!!

One of my readers, Lynn, is also a fan of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and The Haunted Mansion!  Here is what she had to say about her picture:


This is a picture from MNSSHP Boo To You Halloween Parade at WDW in 2011. I believe this is one of the best parades that Disney has. This pic has the dancing ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. I love the Haunted Mansion ride.

My friend Mel from Mouze Kateerz and Mickey by Mel shared with me some incredible photos of her favorite ride — it’s a small world!  Don’t worry, Mel, this is one of my favorites too, so we’ll be uncool together!  Here is what she had to say:

It is Mel from Mouze Kateerz and Mickey by Mel. I am not sure if I am too late to add my photos to your favorite ride entry, but I thought I would send these your way. My absolute favorite ride is it’s a small world. It has been my favorite ride since I was a little girl and to this day, it remains my favorite. I am not sure if it is the song (which I love), the dolls, or just remembering being a kid and riding it with my family. I know that so many people make fun of it, and maybe that makes me uncool, but that’s ok by me. This is one of my favorite rides to take pictures on too, so there are a lot here. And now I will go happily hum the tune to myself all day long!


Next up is Roger and Brenda, who are the creators of the blog Back To Disney and are also writers for Mouze Kateerz!  Their favorite attraction is Toy Story Mania.  Here is what Roger had to share:

Our absolute favorite attraction is Toy Story Mania at Disney Hollywood! 

Of course that puts us in good company, TSM is the most popular attraction at ALL the Disney parks.

Mr. Potato Head instructs us to “freeze!” in line to Toy Story Mania.

Andy’s excellent art decorates the line to Toy Story Mania.

Next up is Heather, who is another of the Mouze Kateerz writers!  As you have been able to figure out, we love sharing our photos at Mouze Kateerz!  Here are a couple of photos that she wanted to share, as well as her comments:

Heather Love
Rockin roller coaster (2011)
My daughter, mother, son, and friend
Reason it is a fav is because my daughter was determined not to take off her crown

Heather’s next picture is perhaps one of the best ride photos I’ve seen in a long time!  Here is what Heather had to say:

Pic taken at Animal Kingdom on Expedition Everest (10-2011)
Favorite because it is three generations enjoying the ride as we try and embarrass my daughter by being the Yeti!!

Next up is my friend Hiromi, who wanted to share some photos from Test Track.  Hiromi had this to say:

We had initially planned our Epcot touring days around trying to ride Soarin’. The first day, the queue was way too long and there were no more fastpasses, so we went back the next day to get fastpasses. Soarin’ however, WAS NOT our favourite ride. A surprise favourite and was not one of our “must do” list was TEST TRACK! Again, the regular line for Test Track was very long with fast passes no longer available. We then noticed the single rider line. The minimum age for the Test Track single rider is 7 years old (although looking back, it should be older!). So my husband, myself and my daughter went in. Let me tell you, it was like organized chaos!! I felt like we were on the Trading floor in Wall Street, with people shouting here, yelling there, pointing here, directing there. It was all orderly but very loud and fast! We were at the front in no time with myself going ahead, my daughter joining the middle cars and my husband making his way to the end cars. Just a note, my husband had to make sure my daughter was strapped in, this did not please a lot of the riders waiting. Was Test Track fun?? YES! BUT since we were not riding together both my husband and I were anxious through the whole ride. It was super fast, super jerky with stops here and sudden movements there. By the end, I got out feeling what a great ride but worried how my daughter was feeling. As I was anxiously waiting for her car… I saw some huge adults get off and then, my little wee Princess. This little girl in her Purple and Pink Rapunzel dress was laughing so hard as she ran towards me. I was surprised that a) she wasn’t anxious or scared at all b) her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique hair extension wasn’t even out of place!! It stayed put the whole ride. It was definitely a sight to behold. Then we saw my husband get off, with the same nervous anticipation I had. He looked relieved to see my daughter was very happy. She screamed, “Again, AGAIN, I want to ride it AGAIN!” My husband and I both looked at each other and said, “On our next trip to WDW, we will ride Test Track, TOGETHER AS A FAMILY!!” Hopefully the new Test Track will be just as awesome.

The last set of photos I wanted to share with you came from Tina.  Tina’s words touched me a whole lot, and rather then I tell you about it, here is what Tina had to share with me:

My family went to Disney World in the August of 2011 to celebrate my 3 year battle with Breast Cancer. I have had 8 surgeries, 22 rounds of chemo and 37 radiation treatments. I had been diagnosed in 2008 and then again in 2010. Disney is what got me through all my treatments, I knew that trip was waiting for me at the end when I finished it as my reward. When we got to Disney they gave me buttons for all my family members that said I’m celebrating. We all wore them because I was celebrating, I was celebrating beating cancer two times! Our 4 kids ages 21,19, 10 and 7 went along with my husband and me and my parents. It was long 2 day drive from Michigan to Florida. We have visited Disney World before back in 2006 but the kids were smaller and our youngest child who was 2 at the time didn’t even remember the trip. We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We saved Animal Kingdom for last because usually it’s our least favorite park. It’s so big and you do a lot of walking and it’s hot with no place to escape from the heat. This time it was so different. This pic is of our daughter Joely, our youngest who was 2 the last time she went to Disney, now she is 7. She got picked out of the audience to go up on stage and lead the animal sounds (she got giraffe, what sound does a giraffe make? lol) and then she was picked a 2nd time to dance around the stage to music at the end of the show. She was so excited and so happy! Al though the Lion King Show has never been our favorite show and Animal Kingdom has never been our favorite park, it was that day. We started out at the Lion King show and the rest of our day was perfect. My daughter said “it was the best day ever” and that’s why we will continue to drive the two day journey to Disney World because any moment can be made into a “Disney Moment” when you least expect it. :-)

Tina, thank you for sharing your story, I’m glad that the Disney Magic was able to draw you all in!

Everyone else, thank you so much for sharing your photos with me!  I love the enthusiasm that all of you share with me, and I’m happy to pass that enthusiasm to all of our readers.  Thanks again for sharing!

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Disney Dining Review: Rainforest Cafe

Next up on our list of restaurants to review is the Rainforest Cafe, which can be found at both Downtown Disney and outside the entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  We ate at the Animal Kingdom location last June, so let’s take a look at it in greater detail.

The Rainforest Cafe is a fun restaurant to eat at.  We have eaten at the Cafe just once before at Walt Disney World, and that was at the Downtown Disney location with some good friends of ours way back in 2005.  We had never eaten there since because of two reasons.  One, we have eaten at Rainforest Cafe’s in other locations, so eating at one at Walt Disney World seems kind of silly.  The second reason is because until last year, the Rainforest Cafe was not on the Disney Dining Plan, and for many of our trips we were using the dining plan for our meals.  The Rainforest Cafe now accepts the Disney Dining Plan, and it is a one table-service credit per person.  Reservations are recommended.

Whatever the reason, we had not eaten at the Cafe in quite a while, until we were invited to do so last June for a late breakfast.  The one thing that the Cafe does well is outfit it’s restaurant!  The theming in their is incredible, and if there is one place that the Rainforest Cafe really fits in, it’s at the Animal Kingdom!  If you’ve never eaten there before, try to picture in your mind walking through a jungle to a table located by an elephant, or a lion, or primates of all shapes and sizes.  Then, while you are eating, periodically the lights flicker, the restaurant changes temperature, and you are immersed in the beginnings of a really incredible thunderstorm that is passing through the forest.  The animals get agitated, the skies darken, and then it passes on for a while and everyone calms down.  Take a look at some of the pictures we took while inside the restaurant.


One of the hidden treasures of the restaurant is that you can go in through the gift shop, look around (or not), and then exit at a special gate that will allow you to enter the park.  If you do this, you may be able to enter the park much quicker then if you go through the main gates.  Has anyone done this?  If so, how did it work out for you?  We did this after we had eaten, but the park was already open, so it wasn’t like there were hundreds of people waiting, so I don’t know if there was a real difference.

For food, I had a french toast that reminded me of the world famous Tonga Toast.  The menu that Disney displays on their website is a lunch and dinner menu, so it doesn’t have any breakfast items listed.

In summary, do I need to eat here every time?  No, I don’t.  However, it is a fun little restaurant, so if you are looking for something different, give it a try?  Have you eaten at the Rainforest Cafe?  If so, tell us, what did you think of it?  Please let me know in the comments!  Thanks for reading!

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Disney Dining Review: Liberty Tree Tavern

My Dreams of Disney

Head on over to Liberty Square with us and sample all that makes Liberty Tree Tavern one of the most under-appreciated restaurants at Walt Disney World!

My Dreams of Disney

Liberty Tree Tavern is a one table-service credit restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan, and reservations for this restaurant are recommended.  When we last ate at the Liberty Tree Tavern, it was way back on Sophie’s birthday, June 19, 2008, and it was a character dining location.  Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Chip & Dale came to meet us, and it was a wonderful setting for a character meal.

Liberty Tree Tavern is no longer a character meal, but I’m betting that the food is as delicious as ever!  Themed much like the land that is occupies, Liberty Square, the food is based on what you would find during the Colonial Days, when the United States was in it’s infancy.  Here is the dinner menu, the kids menu, and the lunch menu for you to peruse at your leisure.

The dinner menu is served family style, with wonderful dishes, I remember how good it all was when we last ate there!  The lunch menu is ordered off the menu, and features such dishes as pot roast, pasta, and other great dishes.

During our most recent visit, we invited along Sophie’s best friend Riley to join us.  It was Sophie’s birthday, and the two of them had so much fun all day long at the Magic Kingdom!  It was during this dining experience that I was able to get these pictures.  I love the way that Minnie Mouse is all decked out in period clothing!

My Dreams of Disney
Riley (left), Minnie Mouse, and Sophie (right)
My Dreams of Disney
Sophie loves to kiss the noses of the characters!  I’m not sure why…
My Dreams of Disney
Riley and Sophie with Dale!

The are two reasons that we stopped going to Liberty Tree Tavern.  The first is because they changed it out of being a Character dining location.  We really enjoy our interaction with characters, and have always enjoyed being able to do that while eating, and not have to wait in line to see them.  So when they stopped it being a character location, it kind of lost a little bit of it’s appeal to us.  I know, that seems kind of a lame excuse, and it is, but it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!  The second reason is because we actually ate at Liberty Tree Tavern two years in a row, both 2007 and 2008, and we wanted to try out other restaurants.

When we are a little older, I can see us coming back to Liberty Tree Tavern to have a meal there again.  It is a wonderful atmosphere, with wonderful food and theming, and in 2007, when we had finished having lunch there, we just happened to have some Disney Magic on our side, and we walked out of the restaurant just in time to see one of the parades come right by!  I was able to snag these and other photos from our viewing location!

My Dreams of Disney
Chip on Parade!
My Dreams of Disney
Donald Duck and Pluto!
My Dreams of Disney
My Dreams of Disney
Minnie Mouse!
My Dreams of Disney
She has that float all to herself!

I really enjoyed Liberty Tree Tavern the times that we ate there, and will give it a try again in the future.  Although we haven’t been there for a number of years, I still have fond memories of the restaurant, including when Cindy and I ate there when we ate our way around Disney.  It was then that Cindy claims that she “got the goods” on me and my “crush” on Minnie Mouse.  I keep telling her we’re just friends, but she’s not buying it!  Still, I think Cindy likes eating there also, so we’ll be back again, I think.

Have you eaten at the Liberty Tree Tavern?  What are your impressions of it?  Please tell me in the comments!

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Disney Dining Review: Captain’s Grille

Located over at the Yacht Club in Disney’s Boardwalk area, Captain’s Grille is a good place to get some great seafood!  Join us as we explore this table service restaurant in more detail!

Located in the lobby of the Captain’s Grille is this wonderful looking cake — while it is only a display item, it does depict one of the actual cakes that they can make, and it is phenomenal looking!

We ate at the Captain’s Grille on June 15, 2010, the night before we checked into our resort at Port Orleans French Quarter.  This was during our trip when we took Stephanie to Disney World, and this was just one of the many fun things we did during that trip!

The food was incredible, the atmosphere is perfect — the decor of the restaurant really fits in with the whole theming of the Yacht Club, and the snow crab legs — which is what I had that night — were absolutely incredible!

The Captain’s Grille is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For breakfast you can order the buffet, or you can order ala carte off the menu.  For lunch you can order different kinds of sandwiches, and for dinner you can order off of a full menu, which includes different appetizers, entrees, drinks, and desserts.  Captain’s Grille is a table service restaurant, so reservations are recommended, and they are on the Disney Dining Plan for a one table service credit per person.  I’m including links for the downloadable pdf version of the dinner menu and the children’s menu, so feel free to check them out!

My family really enjoyed eating at the Captain’s Grille.  While we have only been that one time, this is definitely a place that we will come back to in the future to enjoy again.  If you plan it right, you can then take some time to walk around the Boardwalk area of Disney World, which is alive at night during the summer!  Enjoy!

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