Sophie and Meemaw on Minnie’s Couch!

On August 1st, 2006, Cindy and Sophie and I were in Florida visiting with Grandma and Grandpa and Meemaw (at that time, my Mom would come down to Florida for the summer to help out Grandma and Grandpa).  Anyway, this year we took Mom down to Florida by car, and while we were there visiting, we decided to spend the day at Disney World.

Sophie was five by this point, and she had vivid memories of her time with Riley at the parks in October, 2005, so we decided to take Mom with us and visit the Magic Kingdom.  Sophie didn’t know where we were going, we played a little trick on her and told her we were going to New York City!  She kept wondering when we were going to get there, and played along really well.

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, Sophie was so excited!  I have a whole slew of pictures that we took that day, but I’ll share the best ones here.  We had so much fun, though, that we were there until the park closed!

This particular year was when they were celebrating the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming.  Cinderella’s Castle was decked out in a special way, and all of the other Princesses were there as part of the Wedding Party.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Cinderella’s Castle (Like you didn’t know!)
Cinderella staring at her Prince.
Cinderella talking to the gathered crowd before the wedding!
The happy couple!
A site that we won’t again see anytime soon.
Mickey and Sophie

Cindy and Sophie on the teacups.  What a priceless picture!

After our trip in 2006, we began to get serious in our Walt Disney World trips.  It was when seeing one of the many Disney commercials about how affordable a trip to Disney is that we investigated for ourselves, and decided that it really wasn’t bad to spend more time, a little more money, and be able to experience the Disney Magic for even longer!  Look for more stories in the near future!