Friday Flashback — Animal Kingdom’s Block Party

Welcome to another Friday Flashback! Thanks, as always, goes out to my friend Deb from Focused on the Magic! Without her hosting this, I probably wouldn’t be doing these posts!

Today’s flashback is of a special event that we experienced in August, 2007, over at the Animal Kingdom!  This was, unfortunately, a short running experience, which was a shame, because it was so cool!  Picture in your mind Disney’s Animal Kingdom being open for evening extra magic hours.  While you and your family are enjoying the extra hours, you head on over to Dinoland, U.S.A., because your daughter loves that area, and when you get there, you realize that a block party is going on with some of your favorite Disney characters!  That’s what happened to us, and these pictures are the end result.  Enjoy!

Chip hamming it up for the camera!

Sophie dancing with Goofy!

Chip getting a kiss from Sophie!

Doin’ the Twist!

And again!

Strutting his stuff!

With her Minnie Mouse glasses that open up!

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