Posting over at Mouze Kateerz!

Hello everyone! In addition to today’s Flashback Friday, I’m also posting over at my friend Amanda’s site Mouze Kateerz! In that post, I’m talking about meeting your friends at Disney World! Have you ever known someone online only, and then met them for the first time at Walt Disney World or any of the other Disney parks? What were your experiences like? Go check out the article if you like, and let me know! Thanks! registered & protected

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin — Flashback Friday

Welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday, hosted by my friend Deb over at Focused on the Magic! In today’s flashback, I’m reliving the trip we took on August 1st, 2006 when we took my Mom to the Magic Kingdom for the day.  Sophie didn’t know we were going, so this was the ultimate surprise for her.  Here she is, at the Magic Kingdom, with her Meemaw, her Mom, and her Dad, and all the world was perfect in her eyes!  We spent all day at the park, and didn’t get back to my Grandparents house until probably 12:30 AM  the following morning, but it was a great day, and one that I won’t forget anytime soon.  That day trip is the subject of this week’s Flashback Friday!  Please click on the button to see all the other entries as well, and thank you Deb for hosting this!

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