Disney In Pictures Theme: Disney Coasters!

 Sunday we will publish the next installment of Disney in Pictures!  This week’s theme is Disney Coasters!  Do you have any great roller coaster shots that you want to share with us for this Sunday’s post?  If you do, I invite you to take a moment and email me your Disney-themed photo, and include the following information:
  • Your Name.
  • Where your picture was taken.
  • A little bit of information about your shot, such as why you like the shot or what happened when this picture was taken, etc.

I love sharing the photos my family has taken, but I really enjoyed sharing the photos I received last week, so please send me your pictures to include in the post!  Just email them to me at mickey@mydreamsofdisney.com!

Thanks! By the way, my wife and I took our daughter to see “The Lorax“, and it was a great movie!  We saw it in 2D, and don’t think we missed anything by not seeing it in 3D. We highly recommend it!

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