Pictures in the Park — Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In today’s Pictures in the Park, I’m sharing a photo of the sign leading into the attraction “The Magic of Disney Animation.”  Located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this is an overlooked attraction in many respects because it isn’t a fancy thrill ride, or a shoot-em-up game.  While this attraction isn’t an e-ticket ride, it’s a great attraction because they teach us some of the things that the animators work on when designing some of their characters.  There is a short film that talks about how the character Mushu from the movie Mulan came to be created.

In addition, you can also take a short “class” that will teach you how to animate certain characters, and there is a lot of other things to do in the attraction.  Here are some more pictures from the attraction, including a picture of a special meet and greet we had! registered & protected