Pictures in the Park — Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Majestic Summit of Expedition Everest!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom park is home to the tallest summit height of any of the tall structures that grace Walt Disney World. At 199 1/2′ tall, Expedition is the tallest structure in all of Walt Disney World. The reason that it isn’t 200 feet tall is because, if it had been that high, FAA regulations would have required that a flashing light be put at the top of the structure to alert aircraft to the height of the structure.

According to Wikipedia, Expedition Everest has the following names for its vehicles:

  • Norbu
  • Bob
  • Serka
  • Norgay
  • Bhat
  • Ronin
  • Balram
  • Saint Yeti
  • Everest Explorer
  • Tibetan Warrior
  • Baichung
  • Tenzig
  • Spirit of Nepal

Now, I think the Imagineers are incredible! But tell me, why Bob? All of the other names are names that I would expect. But Bob? Who knows the answer to where that name came from? If you do, please enlighten me!

Expedition Everest opened to the public on April 7, 2006, so it turns six years old this year. This roller coaster is one of my favorites, and I hope you like it too! registered & protected