Magic Kingdom — Fantasyland

On part two of our exploration of the lands of the Magic Kingdom, today we take an in-depth look at Fantasyland.  As you may remember, our first post was devoted to Main Street, U.S.A., which begins at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom and continues down to the hub — which is right before Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella’s Castle

There is a lot to enjoy in Fantasyland, with the following nine attractions (in no particular order):

In addition to all of these attractions, it should be noted that there are a ton of great places to eat in Fantasyland, including:

When you couple all of that with the shopping options that you have, it all adds up to a lot of time spent in Fantasyland.

Most of you are probably aware of this, but for those of you that don’t, let me tell you.  The Magic Kingdom is currently undergoing an expansion of Fantasyland!  The plans are that each of the prominent princesses, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Ariel, will all have their very own part of Fantasyland.  In addition, you can even go visit Tinker Bell in her own part of Pixie Hollow!

The expansion of Fantasyland is scheduled to open up fully in 2013, however, some of it will be opening up this year!  A section of Fantasyland called Storybook Circus will be opening up in the spring of 2012, and that will include one of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides.  The second one, which is in it’s current location, will be moved (that is the way I understand it, at least) and open up later on.

But back to Fantasyland.  All of the things that you can do now will only be expanded, and when we visit Fantasyland after the expansion, I’m of the feeling that we will likely be planning at least four hours to see and do everything in Fantasyland, perhaps even more!

Of course, most trips we go to different lands, kind of moving from one place to another, and not sticking in one land.  However, with all that is being added, that might change!

For now, I’m going to wrap up this exploration of Fantasyland.  My detail is okay, but if you want to hear all about Fantasyland, I invite you to check out my friend Lou’s website at WDWRadio!  He has a lot about all of the parks, including a cool set of audio guides that you can purchase and download to listen to at any time!

Until next time, I’ll talk to you later!