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When I plan our Walt Disney World vacations, I have a few questions that I absolutely must answer for myself:
  1. Are we visiting during Sophie’s birthday week?
  2. Are any of us visiting Disney World for the first time?
  3. Are there any anniversaries or other celebrations that we need to plan for?
Most of our trips are geared around the time when Sophie celebrates a birthday, but one of the cool things about Disney is that they will celebrate your birthday up to six months before or after the actual date!  So everyday at Disney you can be celebrating your birthday!  If you are visiting during a birthday, make sure you tell everyone at Walt Disney World about the birthday girl (or boy or husband or wife), because Disney makes all sorts of notes about it, and your special birthday person will get a good surprise!  For our June trip, we’ll be visiting the week before Sophie’s birthday, but when I made my dining reservations, they asked if we were celebrating anything special, and I told them that my daughter’s birthday was the next week.  The Cast Member told me that that’s close enough, and took down Sophie’s name and asked me how old she was going to be.  Then she asked me what else we were celebrating, and I told her that the other three children going with us had never been to Disney World before, so she made all sorts of notes about that too!  So I fully expect that Sophie, Madelyne-Lois, River, and Izaiah will have a whole lot of surprises headed their way!
In addition to all of this, make sure that you let everyone know when we check in that we have special celebrations.  By doing so, our Cast Member will write up special buttons with their names on them, so when they wear them throughout the week, they’ll get all sorts of cool acknowledgments during the week!
In addition to the must ask questions I listed above, we have some fun things we do during our celebrations.  For starters, we love to eat, and for our next trip, that is no exception.  There will be nine of us in June, and we will be eating on the Disney Dining Plan!  We’ve got reservations for the following terrific restaurants (click the links to see my review of the restaurant):
 In addition, since this is a special once-in-a-lifetime trip for many of those that we’re going with, we’ve got plans to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and to indulge in The Kitchen Sink over at Beaches and Cream!
One other small thing we’ll do will be to schedule a call to our room for the kids from Mickey Mouse and his friends.  While this little touch isn’t a whole lot, it’s a special treat for the kids!

Other than these specific things, we don’t do a whole lot to celebrate.  This is because when we go to Walt Disney World, the big draw for us is being in the parks, enjoying our favorite attractions and shows, so we don’t do a whole lot to detract from that.  What special things do you do to celebrate at Walt Disney World?

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Pictures in the Park – Flashback Friday

Sophie and I at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Cindy took this picture on August 4, 2007, the day that we checked into Coronado Springs Resort & Spa for our first trip while staying on Disney property!  Our first dining reservation was for Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and since it was the week before our anniversary, they gave Cindy and I “Happy Anniversary” buttons to where.  However, Sophie wanted a button, so she ended up with Cindy’s button, as you can see in the picture.  Still, it was fun, and it’s a good picture also!  This post is also being presented as part of my friend Deb’s Flashback Friday blog hop over at Focused on the Magic.  Click on the button to see the rest of the entries!

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